Sat. Apr 13th, 2024

AEW is going to pack Wembley Stadium for All In. Fans who intend on attending the event might be a bit concerned about merchandise, but they don’t need to worry much.

Although we’re not sure how merchandise stands will be set up, because they will need a few around the giant Wembley Stadium venue, AEW is thinking ahead. They obviously want to give fans as much of an opportunity as they can for them to spend money.

Sean Sapp noted behind Fightful’s paywall that AEW really amped up the amount of merchandise that the company is bringing to London for All In. It wasn’t noted which shirts they are stocking up on, but they are bringing far more to Wembley Stadium than they have for previous shows.

“We’re told AEW has significantly increased merchandise availability for this show.”

There was some concern that AEW might run into an issue with merchandise. It’s a good thing they planned ahead. Odds are they won’t have a lot of merchandise to take back with them after that Wembley Stadium show.

AEW merchandise might be easier to acquire in America, because of shipping costs alone. That being said, a new batch of AEW merchandise is preparing to release itself into the UK marketplace very soon, after All In London.

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By Sandra Winters

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