Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

AEW aired another episode of Collision this week, live on TNT. This week the show went down in Lexington, Kentucky, and there was apparently one LA Knight fan in the crowd.

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During the beginning portion of AEW Collision this week, one sign in the crowd stood out from the rest. A giant “YEAH!” was seen among those AEW signs, really standing out from the other offerings as a clear WWE sign.

This is not the first time that AEW has shown a sign on television that they might have wanted to screen ahead of time. They also gave far too much screen time to sign that begged Tony Khan to book the AEW women’s division better.

LA Knight is doing some great things in WWE, and it’s obvious that his influence is being felt outside the company. At this point, his “YEAH!” is popping up all over the place, and his “LEMME TALK TO YA!” is also becoming a viral favorite saying.

Only time will tell when WWE finally pulls the trigger on LA Knight’s push, but fans are certainly waiting for that to happen. It is pretty clear that at least one fan at AEW Collision this week can’t wait for it to happen, either.

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By Sandra Winters

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