Thu. Dec 7th, 2023

Swedish Viking metal veterans Amon Amarth have released a new music video for “Heidrun” (“goat” in Norse mythology), a song that appears on their latest studio album, The Great Heathen Army. Additionally, they’ve unveiled the four-song Heidrun EP featuring three versions of the tune, including a “goat remix” with actual goat vocals.

Frontman Johan Hegg explained the mythological story behind “Heidrun” in a press release, stating, “Heidrun is an interesting mythological character, it’s a goat that stands on the roof of Valhalla eating the leaf of the big tree Lärad.”

He continued, “The milk that she gives is the honey/mead that the warriors in Valhalla drink each night. The lyrics themselves are both about Vikings travelling the world but also metaphorically what it is to be a touring musician.”

Amon Amarth recently kicked off US tour with Ghost. Find a recap and photo gallery of the opening night here, and pick up tickets here.

Watch the official music video for “Heidrun” and steam the full EP (including the “goat remix”) below.

Heidrun EP Artwork:

Amon Amarth Heidrun Art

Heidrun EP Tracklist:
1. Heidrun (2023 Remix)
2. Heidrun (Live at Graspop, 2023)
3. Put Your Back into the Oar (Live at Hellfest, 2023)
4. Heidrun (Goat Remix)

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