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Want to know about Bill Gates’s Divorce Settlement? Bill Gates and Melinda French tied the knot in 1994. The two met back in 1987 after Melinda started began working at Microsoft. The two have been married for a long time but took everyone by surprise after the couple announced their divorce back in 2021.

The thirty years of marriage came to a sudden halt as it was finalized in August 2021. However, the pair had announced that despite their separation, the two would continue to run their foundation, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

The two have three children together named Jenner, Rory, and PhoebeMelinda French shared her side of the story while she said that she kept working with the person she was moving away from, and she needed to show up and be her best self every single day.

The tech personality further revealed that there were times when she used to cry at 9 AM and then used to be on a video conference at 10 AM with the person she was leaving, but she had to show up and be her best. Let us find out about Bill Gates’s Divorce Settlement.

Bill Gates Divorce Settlement

Bill Gates’s Divorce Settlement has been one of the most talked about divorces that attracted huge media attention over the years. At the same time, it has been reported that Bill and Melinda have asked the court to divide their assets that will be based on the terms of the separation contract.

Bill Gates Divorce Settlement
Bill Gates Divorce Settlement (Credits: YouTube)

However, any additional details of the contract were not disclosed. Gates had to also go along with the division of their extravagant art collection worth a whopping $124 million.

While the exact number was not disclosed, Melinda reportedly walked away with $76 billion, but it has not been confirmed. Bill Gates reportedly has a net worth of around $104 billion after the divorce settlement.

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Who Is Bill Gates Dating?

It seems like billionaire Bill Gates has a new woman in his life! Bill Gates has recently been romantically linked with Paula Hurd. Paula Hurd has been working as an event planner and earlier worked as a tech executive. She is also known to be a philanthropist. Paula Hurd is the widow of late Oracle co-CEO Mark Hurd.

A close course has first given some insight into the alleged romance, saying that the pair are currently inseparable, and all their close friends are well aware of their relationship.

The source further stated that the alleged pair had been together for over a year, and Paul has always been described as a ‘mystery woman,’ but it was not much of a mystery in their inner circle that they were in a romantic relationship.

The alleged pair has been spotted together at the Australian Open in Melbourne, Australia. Paula Hurd and Bill Gates recently sparked engagement rumors which were later denied by a spokesperson.

Bill Gates Opens Up About The Divorce

Bill Gates has earlier opened up about his divorce from Melinda as he, stated that he would not choose to marry anyone else but Melinda if he could turn back time.

The billionaire admitted that it was a great marriage and he would not have changed it, and that he would not choose to marry someone else.

Bill Gates Divorce Settlement
Bill Gates Divorce Settlement (Credits: The New York Times)

However m, the tech genius did point out that every marriage goes through a transition as the kids leave the house, and his marriage went through this transition called divorce. Gates further admitted that he feels lucky that he still gets to work with his ex-wife.

Melinda French also opened up while stating that there just came a point in time where there was enough there that she realized that it just was not healthy, and she could not trust what they had in their marriage.

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