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Want to know about Bill Geddie’s net worth? Last month, the television producer passed away unexpectedly, leaving everyone behind. Fans are still mourning the loss. Whereas some are concerned about Bill Geddie’s monetary accumulation, made throughout his life. How much was his wealth? 

If you are very much into American talk shows, then you must have heard about The View. Right? Bill Geddie was the co-creator of the show, along with Barbara Walters. To be more exact about its stream, it airs on ABC. Bill also served as the executive producer of the same until Season 16.

While we talk about Bill Geddie’s net worth, it can’t just be measured in money. For his outstanding work in The View, he was awarded the Daytime Emmy Award. Undoubtedly, he was an iconic figure, and his death has been a huge loss to the television industry. 

Little did you know Bill Geddie was also a screenwriter? He wrote scripts for the film- Unforgettable. 

Coming back to Bill Geddie’s monetary earnings, he made the most of his wealth from his work with The View. However, side sources included his screenwriting and other production-related works. So, how much was it? Here is what we know about Bill Geddie’s net worth. 

Bill Geddie Net Worth
Bill Geddie (Credits: People)

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Bill Geddie Net Worth: The View Creator’s Earnings Revealed

Talking about his monetary earnings, Bill Geddie’s net worth is estimated to be a whopping $8 million. As mentioned earlier, Bill Geddie earns the most of it from his work with the daytime show, The View.

When we talk about his production works, those include- Iyanla, Party Planner with David Tutera, The Barbara Walters Summer Special, and Barbara Walters: Her Story. Little did you know, he owned a couple of production companies. They were named Bill Geddie Productions and BarWall Productions, respectively. 

Not to forget to mention, Bill Geddie and Barbara Walters met each other on the set of Good Morning America. Since then, they continued to work tightly for nearly three decades. While we talk about Bill Geddie’s net worth, fans also showed interest in his education.

Well, the television producer studied at the University of Texas at Austin. He graduated, majoring in film and communications. This proved how much he was dedicated and willful to get involved with the industry. 

Bill Geddie Net Worth
Bill Geddie (Credits: ABC News)

As we discussed, The View contributed a lot to Bill Geddie’s net worth. The daytime talk show premiered back in 1997 for the first time. So far, it has made more than 5000 episodes, earning enough appreciation and decent feedback from the audience. That’s still constant, despite the controversies, which started in Season 10. 

It was initially Bill Geddie’s idea to start a daytime talk show. But Barbara Walters didn’t show up much interest in the beginning. Moreover, the official network, ABC News, was not at all confident with his idea. Bill Geddie’s net worth also got added up with his earnings from the science fiction thriller film, Unforgettable. However, it didn’t earn a positive response. 

With Bill Geddie’s net worth being so huge, the television producer invested largely in real estate properties. He earlier owned a property in Brentwood which he ended up listing several years ago, for $3995000.

The property covered an area of 4480 sq. ft. and had four bedrooms. Not to forget to mention, The View co-creator also had an impressive car collection. But how does that matter now? The person himself is no more with us. 

Over the years, Bill Geddie’s net worth increased, and so was his involvement in work. The television producer used to lead a lavish lifestyle, and the credit was his hard work and dedication. 

Sending condolences to Bill Geddie’s family and close ones. He is missed! 

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