Thu. May 23rd, 2024

A recording of Brian Eno’s storied collaborative performance with Can’s Holger Czukay and Eno collaborator J. Peter Schwalm will finally come out in April 2024. Titled Sushi! Roti! Reibekuchen!, the live album was recorded on Thursday, August 27, 1998, outside the Kunst-und Ausstellungshalle der Bundesrepublik Deutschland (the Art and Exhibition Hall of the Federal Republic of Germany) in the city of Bonn, where Eno was staging his multimedia installation Future Light-Lounge Proposal. The album, excerpted from the three-hour performance, will arrive on an unspecified April date on vinyl, CD, and digitally, through Groenland.

The album captures excerpts of a three-hour improvised performance featuring the three artists and Raoul Walton and Jern Atai from Schwalm’s group Slop Shop. Schwalm prepared ideas for the session, and guests ate the three foods from the event and album’s title. The show was rumored to have only ended when police shut off power. It was also streamed live in the early days of the internet.

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