Thu. May 23rd, 2024

Britt Baker has worked very hard to improve herself and become one of the best female wrestlers in AEW. It was a slow and gradual process as fans initially rejected her entirely. Now it appears she agreed with fans that AEW needs to book the women’s division better.

The women’s division in AEW has been a major topic of discussion after last week’s Dynamite when a sign was shown for a good few seconds on television that simply said “Book the women’s division better”. This was right after Taya Valkyrie and Britt Baker’s match, which received a lot of criticism from fans as she sees both sides.

While speaking with Scott Fishman of TV Insider, the former AEW Women’s World Champion was asked about the sign. Baker agreed with fans that AEW needs to book the women’s division better.

“I see both sides to that because I completely agree. The absolute best matches that come out of professional wrestling come out of storylines you are so invested in.”

There are weeks and months that tell this beautiful story. It’s something we haven’t been able to invest as much time in the women’s division lately. Again, there are many factors. Injuries, this and that.

I definitely want to get to the point where we can get some solid storytelling with the women. At the same time the fans who hold signs that say to book the women’s division better, that’s great. Then when I go on Twitter it doesn’t echo that.”

“I don’t see the same support. It’s I hate these two wrestlers. This match was too long. This match was too short. If all you see about women’s wrestling is all negative online, it doesn’t add up to what they are preaching. If you want the women to be booked better, support the women.”

Britt Baker also hit back at a hater who criticized her match on AEW Dynamite last week. Regardless, we will have to wait and see what AEW will have planned for Baker as we head towards the All In event next month.

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By Sandra Winters

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