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Apart from the K-pop musical band BTS Army, there is the band Stray Kids that is taking up the limelight. This musical band comprises talented and smart artists, and Changbin is one of them.

Changbin is good at many things and works hard in every way. He has a lot of talent and works hard, and his way of thinking is one of the best we have ever seen. He always tries his best and inspires everyone around him. Changbin is amazing at rapping and writing incredibly touching songs. He is good at everything he does, and we want to raise a glass to his talents!

Changbin’s incredible rapping

Everyone knows that Changbin is super talented and true;y one of the greatest rappers in the music world. He is so good that he deserves his special category. He is one of the quickest rappers in K-pop, but that is not the only or most important reason he is a fantastic rapper.

Stray Kids
Stray Kids (Credits: Pledge Times)

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Changbin has a special way of rapping, using wordplay and brilliant lyrics in every line he delivers. The effect of each of his lyrics is truly impressive. It is not surprising that Stray Kids often start their songs with Changbin- he knows how to make a strong start, like in “Thunderous.” 

His rap style is so unique that you can easily recognize it. And it is not just about the powerful versus, but also how he can switch between intense and gloomy to heartfelt and emotional. It is hard to find the right words to describe just how talented Changbin is when it comes to rapping.

Changbin’s captivating vocals

While Changbin is primarily known as a rapper in Stray Kids, he is not limited to just that. He is a really good singer too. Just like his rapping, his singing voice is distinct and special. It is not just about having a nice voice; he also knows how to convey the emotions of the songs and lyrics in a way that is quite remarkable and not something many people can do.

We should not overlook the time he sang Tablo’s song “Tomorrow” with Taeyang. He took on the role of a top rapper and an excellent vocalist. And not too long ago, in the “Muddy Water unit” of Stray Kids, which includes Changbin, Hyunjin, Han, and Felix, they performed “Waiting For Us,” and all of them did a fantastic job. Hearing Changbin sing that song was truly a wonderful experience.

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Changbin (Credits: KpopStarz)

Changbin’s amazing dance moves

Changbin is like a secret treasure when he dances. He is full of confidence and grabs everyone’s attention during his performance. But he is not just someone on stage. He is a real dancer, almost like he is a part of the main dancing group. He adds his special energy and style to each dance routine, making his moves stand out and leave a strong impression. 

The other members have even mentioned it a lot. One of the most powerful moments is Changbin’s “popping” in the song “Maniac.”

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Changbin’s humor

Changbin has become popular online many times, more than we can remember. However, we did not need the internet to tell us that he is incredibly funny and clever! Changbin’s quick thinking not only inspires great song and album ideas but also makes him one of the most amusing and charming idols around. 

Whether it is making a funny play on words in NewJeans’ Oh My God that became popular or starting the “Jutdae” meme, Changbin’s humor has taken over the internet by now.

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