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The show “Entergalactic,” which has been recognized for an Emmy award, takes place in lively New York City. The main character, voiced by Scott “Kid Cudi” Mesudi, is named Jabari. He is a graffiti artist who recently moved to a new apartment in Manhattan after a job at a comic book company.

He recently ended his relationship with his ex-girlfriend, Carmen. He decided he did not have enough time for a personal relationship. However, things change when he meets his neighbor, Meadow (voiced by Jessica Williams).

To make Jabari’s living space, the production designer Robh Ruppel made it like a fresh start because Jabari just moved in. The walls are plain white, there are still many boxes in the room, and Jabari’s bike is leaning against a wall. But as the theory goes on, there are fewer boxes, and the space starts to feel more like Jabari.

Ruppel used colors in an important way. He did not use lots of color everywhere. For example, on a sad evening when Jabari was alone, there were more blue colors, and only a few inside lights were on. Figuring out how much light to use was tricky because Ruppel did not wait for it to be too bright and happy all the time.

When Jabari instantly falls in love with Meadow, Ruppel implements shifts. He says that as the love story grows, they use warm colors like red and magenta to show the strong feelings. For times when they were unsure, we used colors like blue and green.

Entergalactic (Credits: Yahoo Sports)

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Jabari’s CLOSURE hoodie

In most of “Entergalactic”, he wears just one hooded sweatshirt with the word CLOSURE painted on the front. The show producer Mike Penketh, says that they asked Virgil Abloh, a designer, to create new clothes for Jabari. Virgil used real things from the world and his own fashion ideas to make the outfit. Penketh says that Virgil used different things to make the characters look unique. Virgil also made the hoodie Jabari wears.

The red hoodie with the word “CLOSURE” on it has its own story. Jabari wears it through most of the movie. But then, he takes it off by accident when he is at Carmen’s place trying to deal with a rat. Carmen starts sending him messages that show she is interested in him, not knowing he is in a new relationship. 

Jabari eventually talks to Carmen to end their relationship, and the hoodie is on the table. This shows that he is ending not just the hoodie but also the relationship, according to the director Fletcher Moules.

Mescudi, the person who plays Jabari, also had an influence on how Jabari looks with the trendy style. In a part of the story, Jabari wakes up because there is loud music from his neighbor’s apartment at 3 in the morning. 

Moules shares about Jabari’s looks and costumes

Moules explains how they used differences in clothing designed by Abloh to show the contrast between Jabari and Meadow. He explains that when Jabari walks into Meadow’s party, he is wearing basketball shorts from Cleaveland because that is where Scott is from. He is just trying to relax. We wanted to show how different he is from Meadow’s artistic friends. 

Entergalactic (Credits: The Harvard Crimson)

They are all dressed up in fancy clothes as they come from an art event. So, when Jabari enters, he looks different and stands out. People stop and ask him why he is there. This difference creates instant interest between him and Meadow and makes him seem like a local guy.

In the end, Jabari’s outfits have a common connection. Ruppel says that he starts and finishes wearing red. At the beginning, he is in his CLOSURE hoodie, and at the end, he is in an outfit that fits Meadow’s show.

When Jabari goes to Meadow’s party in the end, Penketh says he is wearing a red sweater and a cool tee with paint marks. They wanted Jabari to look like real Jabari and not wear fancy clothes. 

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