Mon. Apr 22nd, 2024

Classic rockers Foghat have announced their first album in seven years. The 12-song LP, Sonic Mojo, will be released November 10th, and features the first single, “Drivin’ On.”

The new album includes three songs co-written by late Savoy Brown singer-guitarist Kim Simmonds, who passed away in December 2022. One of those songs is the aforementioned single, “Drivin’ On.”

“A song like ‘Drivin’ On’ celebrates the swamp funk blues of Slim Harpo and the cosmic boogie of John Lee Hooker,” said Foghat singer-guitarist Scott Holt in a press release.

Drummer Roger Earl, the lone original member left in Foghat, spoke of recording with the band’s current lineup, declaring, “I love playing and working with this band. During my almost 60-year music career, I have had the honor of playing with some really great musicians. Lonesome Dave, Rod Price, Craig MacGregor, Erik Cartwright, Nick Jameson, Tony Stevens and Jeff Howell to name some that have graced this band.”

He continued, “Many have sadly passed, some have retired or moved on, but I have to say that the current lineup has been one of the most inspirational for me, personally. Writing with Scott and [lead guitarist] Bryan [Bassett] has come easy. Words and ideas just seem to fall out at any time and another song is in the works. And [bassist] Rodney [O’Quinn’s] input and bass playing has been invaluable. We are a band in every sense of the word.”

Earl recorded much of the album in pain after tearing a tendon in his shoulder while shoveling snow at his New York home in January 2022. He then underwent surgery after he was done laying down his drum trucks in the studio.

In addition to original tracks, the new album features covers of songs written by Willie Dixon (“Let Me Love You Baby”), B.B. King (“She’s Dynamite”), and Chuck Berry (“Promised Land”).

Foghat, best known for their 1975 hit “Slow Ride,” currently have North American tour dates scheduled from now through early 2024. Tickets are available here.

Check out the video for “Drivin’ On” below, followed by a clip of the band discussing the single, as well as the album artwork and tracklist. Pre-order Sonic Mojo in various configurations here.

Sonic Mojo Artwork:

Foghat Sonic Mojo

Sonic Mojo Tracklist (songwriters in parentheses):
01. She’s a Little Bit of Everything (Simmonds/R. Earl/Bassett/Holt/O’Quinn)
02. I Don’t Appreciate You (R. Earl/Holt/Bassett/O’Quinn)
03. Mean Woman Blues (Claude DeMetrius)
04. Drivin’ On (Simmonds/R. Earl/Bassett/Holt/O’Quinn)
05. Let Me Love You Baby (Willie Dixon)
06. How Many More Years (Chester Burnett)
07. Song for Life (Rodney J. Crowell)
08. Wish I’d a Been There (C. Earl/R. Earl/Bassett/Holt/O’Quinn)
09. Time Slips Away (Simmonds/R. Earl/Bassett/Holt/O’Quinn)
10. Black Days & Blue Nights (R. Earl/Holt/Bassett/O’Quinn)
11. She’s Dynamite (B. King Riley — B.B. King)
12. Promised Land (Chuck Berry)

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