Thu. Feb 22nd, 2024

The official Gump trailer for the upcoming U.S. release of 4Digital Media’s heartwarming Czech dramedy movie has been revealed. The video features the titular stray dog as he embarks on a journey to happiness. The film will be available in digital and VOD on August 22.

Check out the Gump trailer below (watch more trailers):

What to Expect in Gump?

Described as a feel-good story that highlights the need for friendship, family, and dogs in our lives, Gump is written and directed by F.A. Brabec. The story is based on the novel written by Filip Rozek.

The film stars Karel Roden, Ivana Chýlková, Eva Holubová, Bolek Polívka, Jana Plodková, Ivan Trojan, Richard Krajco, Patricie Pagácová, Nela Boudová, Olga Lounová, and more. The studio notes that all of the dogs featured in the film were rescue dogs who now have loving homes.

“A story told through the eyes of a stray dog called Gump,” reads the synopsis. “On a journey to find his way home to his owner, Gump encounters many challenges, meets new people, and makes a few canine friends along the way. A story about the devotion of a dog, who without hesitation will give his own life for the life of its beloved owner.”

By Sandra Winters

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