Fri. Feb 23rd, 2024

Hannah Diamond has announced her new album, Perfect Picture, with a one-take video for the title track directed by Christopher Tym. Perfect Picture was produced by David Gamson and is due out October 6 via PC Music. Check out the video, the full tracklist, and the album artwork below.

Picture Perfect includes Hannah Diamond’s recent single “Affirmations.” Of the title track, she said in a statement:

Pop music is this magical form of communication to me. It has the power to transform ephemeral things into tangible worlds and help it take on other forms and become expansive. That’s why “Perfect Picture” became the album title track. It really does feel like it captures me. Not just one side of me but all the many layers that make up who I am at my core.

Perfect Picture is the follow-up to Diamond’s 2019 debut album, Reflections. Of the new album, she said, “This album is more focused on who I am on the inside, a multi-layered self-portrait. I’m the girl you already know but grown up. I’m more self-assured and exploring my dreams.”

By Sandra Winters

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