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Hated In The Nation, the longest episode in the series, is the final episode of the third series of Black Mirror. The whole series three, with the finale episode, was released on 21 October 2016 on Netflix. Some Black Mirror episodes have quality in the case of science fiction, while some did not get executed well.

However, the Nordic noir episode, Hated In The Nation, sits between the two. Two detectives hunt for the murderers of several well-known Twitter characters in this episode.

The episode gets based on the concept of attracting maximum hateful statements on Twitter within twenty-four hours. It is not advised to get famous this way. Every viewer might not like the episode. However, it got executed decently.

The guest appearances in Hated In The Nation are Benedict Wong (as Shaun Li), Kelly Macdonald (as Karin Parke), Holli Dempsey (as Clara Meades), Duncan Pow (as Garrett Scholes), Faye Marsay (as Blue Coulson), Joe Armstrong (as Nick Shelton), Jonas Karlsson (as Rasmus Sjoberg), and more.

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Hated In The Nation Plot

Karine Parke explains her role as the investigating officer in Jo Powers’ murder before a public tribunal. She is a London Detective Chief Inspector who works with Nick Shelton and an amateur detective, Blue Coulson.

Jo Powers was a right-wing extremist who wrote a controversial column mocking a disability rights activist who died through autocremation. According to her hospitalized husband, she used a wine bottle to slit her throat.

Jo Powers Became The Target Of #DeathTo Movement
Jo Powers Became The Target Of #DeathTo Movement (Credit: Netflix)

A primary school teacher sent Powers a cake with offending words written on it and tweeted ‘#DeathTo @JoPowersWriter.’ However, she denies having a worse intent when Parke and Coulson track her. It is how the popular #DeathTo gets discovered.

Another story is about a rapper, Tusk, who got people’s hatred on social media for insulting a child fan. He had an ADI (Autonomous Drone Insect), unleashed by the government in his brain. But how did it get in? Coming back to the story, Tusk dies of the ADI coming out of his brain through his eye socket during an MRI scan.

A similar ADI, developed by Granular, is found in Powers’ brain. Coulson and Parke found a strange ADI after discussing it with Rasmus Sjoberg. Meanwhile, Shaun Li gets sent by England’s National Crime Agency to work on the case.

Hated In The Nation Ending Explained

Till now, we understood that Twitter users that got famous by offending people became targets. Coulson, technically sound enough to track the source of the hashtag, finds that the spambots began the #DeathTo movement to kill the most-mentioned Twitter user with the hashtag every day.

It is how Parke and Coulson decode the algorithm of the killings and find Clara Meades to be the next target. She got famous for posing for an offensive image clicked at a war memorial. The two detectives reach out to her and take her to a safer house.

Karin Parke And Shaun Li From Hated In The Nation
Karin Parke And Shaun Li From Hated In The Nation (Credit: Netflix)

However, the ADIs get out of control and gather near the house. Meades gets killed by one of the ADI drones though the two detectives were trying hard to protect her. The government unleashed the ADIs to monitor the citizens through face recognition, according to Coulson and Rasmus Sjoberg.

The secret behind #DeathTo spreads among the people. So, according to the algorithm, Chancellor Tom Pickering is the next target. Tess Wallander, the former Granular employee, got hated online and was about to commit suicide but got stopped by Garrett Scholes. Parke learned it after interviewing Tess Wallander.

The detectives find Scholes’ public declaration of policies and an image containing geographical identification metadata. The detectives raid the place and find a hacking toolkit.

Scholes used the IMEI numbers, printed on the mobile phone battery’s compartment, of the people who used #DeathTo. This unique identifier gets used for satellite, iDen, and 3GPP mobile phones.

Shaun Li forces Sjoberg to take the system down, but it fails, targeting the 387,036 people involved in the #DeathTo movement. On the one hand, Parke feels Coulson died by suicide. On the other hand, Coulson finds Scholes in an unknown nation and sends Parke a message informing the same.

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