Wed. Jun 19th, 2024

High On Fire is currently recording their first new album since 2018, and their first-ever with new drummer Coady Willis. So what can fans expect from High On Fire these days? According to both frontman Matt Pike and bassist Jeff Matz in an interview with Loudwire, it’ll be a solid combo of Turkish-influenced music and old, sludgy High On Fire.

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“Well, it’s definitely noticeable that Jeff‘s been playing a lot of Turkish music, which I was kind of enthralled with, but I never took up a study of it like Jeff has,” said Pike. “But I can play along to it ’cause I understand it to a degree. And so that there’s a lot of that thrown in there, which leads to, like I was saying, just some different types of drumming styles, which Coady‘s like a master at being creative.

“It’s been real good just, kind of figuring out that and having that move us along and still keeping some of the same Black Sabbath mid-tempo blues riffs alongside of that I think compliment each other well.

Matz added: “Yeah, I think the way that the new material came together, as Matt mentioned, I’ve been studying Turkish folk music pretty intensely for the past few years and that’s definitely sort of contributed to the stuff that I’ve brought to the table for the new album.

“But there’s definitely a lot of classic High On Fire type material in there. You know, some stuff hearkening back to the first album as well, getting back to the slow heavy kind of bluesy roots which is super cool. You know, since the last couple albums have been a little bit on the faster side overall. So yeah, I think fans of the older material will will enjoy this new album.”

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High On Fire is recording their new album with master of distortion Kurt Ballou, who produced the last three High On Fire records.

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