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Summer Rae is fondly remembered for being one of the mainstays of the WWE women’s division back in the early 2010s. It has been quite a few years since she competed as an active in-ring competitor, but it appears she almost became part of The Wyatt family during her early WWE career.

Summer Rae signed with WWE in November 2011 and would remain with the company until her release in October 2017. The early days of her career included a stint in FCW at that time.

Bray Wyatt passed away at the age of 36, shocking fans and the pro wrestling world alike as they slowly come to terms with such a tragic loss. Many pro wrestlers came forward with their own touching stories of their experience with Bray Wyatt.

Summer Rae took to Twitter and revealed that Bray Wyatt wanted her in The Wyatt Family. A clip was then posted in her tweet, where Bray Wyatt can be seen with a concept stable that wasn’t featured on WWE television. The faction had all three original members and then Summer Rae and Viktor of The Ascension.

In FCW Windham gave me a list of movies & documentaries to watch & pitch from. He wanted me to be in the family. I think he believed in me more than I did in myself at that time. I learned so much from him creatively but he was just a good good human. ❤️💔 So smart.This is so sad

Bray Wyatt’s cause of death was revealed soon after the news of his passing broke. WWE’s tribute show for Bray Wyatt on Smackdown this week was an emotional roller coaster from start to finish, as the world is coming to grips with the fact that Bray Wyatt is no more. Regardless, Wyatt will live in our hearts forever and that’s never changing.

What’s your opinion on what Summer Rae said? Do you think she would have been a good addition to The Wyatt Family? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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