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The Password game challenges you to follow the most absurd rules in the world of weak and strong passwords. If you are unaware, it’s the Neal Agarwal-created internet sensation that could be your undoing. It is accurate to refer to it as a game, albeit one that tries to destroy you like a zealous high school football coach.

Here is some advice, strategies, and solutions to help you get through The Password Game and its most bizarre rules, which range from playing algebraic chess to keeping a chicken emoji alive. If challenges that result in tears, swearing at your pets, or both, are your thing, then read on.

On Tuesday, June 27, the world was introduced to the game developed by the creative programmer Neal Agarwal, also known as Neal Fun. Players eagerly share their online puzzle-solving victories as it quickly gains traction on social media.

At first glance, it appears innocent enough. Just a box that asks you to suggest a password and then, when you forget things like capital letters, numbers, or special characters, reminds you of good password hygiene. Once you reach Rule 5, things start to get strange. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered with all the solutions to the rules and advice on succeeding in this puzzle game.

Password Game
Password Game (Credits: Rock Paper Shotgun)

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How many rules exist for the Password Game?

There are 13 rules which we will discuss: 5,9,10,11,12,13,14,16,17,18,20,23. Basically, there are 1 to 35 numbers, but we will focus on these important ones. The Password game will ask you to enter a password with at least five characters, a number, an uppercase letter, and a special character when you first start playing. However, once you reach Rule 5, puzzles and bizarre rules will begin to make sense. Now we will give you each rule answer, so pay attention, guys. 

1. Rule 5

Your password’s digits must add up to 25 by this rule. For Rule 5, you may enter the following numerals: 

  • 9691
  • 997
  • 1111111111111111111111111

2. Rule 9

Roman numbers aren’t just for Rocky sequels and dull class lectures. They play a crucial role in The Password Game, where you’ll be asked to include them in your growing password. The password must include Roman numerals that “multiply to 35” in accordance with Rule 9. Here is the answer to Rule 9:

  • XXXV (35) x I (1)
  • V (5) x VII (7)

3. Rule 10 & 11

Your password must now contain a captcha that is generated randomly. You should be aware that you can respin to the captcha as often as necessary until you find a satisfactory one if any of the letters or numbers in the captcha will disrupt and ruin your existing balance.

Rule 11 This one is intriguing because it combines two well-known games. If you’re in the mood for that game, getting the Wordle answer can be enjoyable. If not, you can type in 6 random words to determine what the answer is. You can look at our Answers for Wordle article, which is updated and can be useful to you in this situation.

4. Rule 12 & 13

It’s not difficult to include a two-letter symbol from the periodic table, but remember that the first letter must be capitalized. Please take note of the possible random use of Roman numerals here.

You must paste the moon’s current phase as an emoji in the password text box according to Rule 13. Simply search for the relevant emoji on Google to learn about the moon’s phase.

5. Rule 14

Rule 14 is the first one where you give up and conclude that it’s impossible to win The Password Game. But there are approaches to getting the correct response. Sadly, none of these are simple as just typing a question into Google. Unlike Wordle, which uses a daily rotating image, each image generated by rule 14 is specific to the session.

Rule 14
Rule 14 (Credits: Downtime Bros)

6. Rule 16

Rule 16, known as the chess notation rule, is the next area where The Password Game is to succeed in defeating you. The program asks you to choose the best move in a live chess game while adding the algebraic chess notation for the chosen move to your password.

In algebraic chess notation, which is the way a specific chess move is recorded and described, each chess piece has a letter that corresponds to that piece. On the chessboard in front of us, all we had to do was identify the best move and record it.

7. Rule 17 & 18

You will receive Paul, an egg emoji from Rule 17, which you must keep secure. Simply paste this emoji into your password text box for the time being and leave him there.

You must put in atomic numbers that add up to 200 according to Rule 18. The periodic table elements that you re-added in Rule 12 come into play here. You must calculate the value of each element you included in a total of 200.

8. Rule 20 & 23

First, your password catches fire in rule 20. You must extinguish the fire before it harms Paul, which in this case, entails swiftly removing the fire emoji from your password. Paul is still an egg at this point, but if the fire gets to him, he will be fried, and the game will tell you that “Paul is slain.” If you see this, sadly, your attempt to win the Password Game is unsuccessful, and you will have to try again.

Paul the chicken has at last hatched, and he must eat. The worm emoji that appears in the text box must be used to feed him. He consumes three worms per minute (one every 20 seconds), but you can’t just put 100 worms on and call it a day.

How to Beat the Password Game?

You will reach rule 35, which asks you to enter the current time after adhering to yet more rules, such as altering font sizes, causing the length of a prime number, and entering the length of your number in the password itself. Then it’s time to succeed or fail.

The Password Game will inquire about you if this is your final password once you have complied with all 35 rules. Before clicking this, make a note of your password. After you confirm, the password will vanish, giving you two minutes to enter your precise password.

The game will reset if you attempt to copy and paste the password or, if you are unsuccessful, force you to restart The Password Game from scratch.

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