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Interested in knowing if your favorite character is pregnant in real life, or is it all a hoax created by fans to fulfill their fantasy of seeing her pregnant? Stacey Slater is a fictional character from EastEnders, a popular British soap opera.

Launched in February of 1985, the drama series is still ongoing and winning the hearts of viewers. The role of Stacey Slater is portrayed by none other than Lacey Turner. Born in Barnet, North London, on 28 March 1988, Lacey Turner, originally Lacey Amelia Turner, is a professional actress.

Lacey is known for her role as Stacey in EastEnders and the character of Michelle in True Love. From the moment viewers laid their eyes on Lacey in the part of Stacey on EastEnders, they have been smitten with her. Lacey has managed to win the hearts of millions of loyal fans of the series.

Stacey Slater
Lacey Turner As Stacey Slater [Credits- Getty Images]

The script and direction of the series are done by none other than Various. Tony Holland and Julia Smith came together to create the brilliant drama series. Lacey appeared as Stacey in the soap opera for the first time in episode 2826.

Stacey Slater is introduced to the viewers as a feisty teenager and an extension of the well-established Slater family. As shocking as it may sound, the scriptwriter of the series Tony Jordan created the character of Stacey with Lacey Turner in mind. Stacey’s character has gone through several problems and thus developed over time.

Stacey’s background story starts with a troubled teenager with a troubled childhood and past due to his mother suffering from bipolar disorder. Stacey lost her father at 11, and her life took a turn for the worst as she struggled to deal with Jean Slater, her mother’s erratic behavior, and suicidal thoughts.

Stacey was kicked out of the house by her mother at 15 and thus is forced to move to her great-uncle, Charlie’s house. Stacey is kicked out by Charlie due to her immoral behavior and attempts to seduce Garry Hobbs. Through her journey, Stacey gains the friend of a lifetime in Ruby Allen.

Stacey was married to Bradley Branning, but the couple separated after Stacey made an appearance at Bradley’s office Christmas party and embarrassed him. Stacey later marries Martin Fowler, but the couple separated after Martin became heavily involved in Mitchell’s crimes.

Stacey has three children together, one of which, Lily Slater, got pregnant at 12 after losing her virginity to Ricky Jr. Stacey discovers the truth behind her daughter’s pregnancy after she fainted due to carbon monoxide poisoning. Stacey supports her daughter’s decision to keep the baby and not go through an abortion. Stacey’s character development throughout the series is tremendous.

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Is Stacey Slater Pregnant In Real Life: Truth Revealed

For everyone interested in knowing whether Stacey Slater is pregnant in real life or not, the answer is No, Stacey isn’t pregnant in real life. The role of Stacey is played by Lacey Turner, and the actress isn’t pregnant at the moment.

The questions related to Stacey’s pregnancy arose after fans noticed a bump in one of the episodes of the series. People became curious about the fact whether Stacey was also pregnant in the show.

In reality, Lacey, the actress playing Stacey, was pregnant at the time of filming, but Stacey wasn’t pregnant. The producers failed to cover Lacey’s baby bump in the episodes. Lacey Turner is a professional English actress married to Matt Kay.

Stacey Slater
Is Stacey Slater Pregnant? [Credits- BBC One]

Lacey has been pregnant twice in her lifetime. Lacey was pregnant in 2019 for the first time and gave birth to a daughter. Lacey’s happiness knew no bounds while she was pregnant with her daughter, as she had two miscarriages before her pregnancy with her child.

Later, Lacey became pregnant with their second child and gave birth to a son on February 3, 2021. Lacey was overjoyed while carrying her second child as she felt she wouldn’t be able to have a kid once again. Currently, Lacey isn’t pregnant with any child but has a daughter and a son.

After suffering from miscarriages, the actress suffered from depression. Lacey’s daughter is Dusty Violet Kay, while her son is Trilby Fox Kay. The series plot is currently focused on a love triangle between Ruby Allen, Stacey, and her ex-husband Martin.

As Stacey gave birth in 2021, thus it is clear she was pregnant while filming the episodes that are airing currently. Lacey has been open about her struggles with pregnancy and the joy of becoming a mother with her fans.

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