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Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 231, which is set to be released very soon in the upcoming issue of the weekly shonen jump magazine, is one of the most anticipated chapters of the week, and with 3-4 days ahead of its release, we have the spoilers for the Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 231 out.

This chapter is smooth sailing for the final round as a lot of info again is conveyed to the fans, and they learn a lot from it. Whatever, the depicts it has made sure that Sukuna would surely not have a high possibility against Gojo if he did not have Megumi’s innate techniques. Sukuna was able to withstand unlimited void all thanks to Megumi’s soul and his innate Ten Shadow Technique.

While Sukuna’s innate cursed energy does enhance the Ten Shadow Technique, and there is an argument that Sukuna could have surely learned the Ten Shadow Technique as he is a master of learning things, there wouldn’t be enough time for him as Gojo would be ready to for him. 

The spoilers for the Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 231 reveal that Sukuna is relying on Mahoraga’s ability to adapt Gojo’s limitless and unlimited void so that he could finish the battle while the latter is planning to kill him before that. Let us dive into the spoilers for the Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 231 in detail. Here we bring you the spoilers for the upcoming Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter.

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 231 Spoilers And Raw Scans
Gojo with Yuta and Yuji in the Weekly Shonen Jump Cover (CC: Shueisia)

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 231 Spoilers And Raw Scans

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 231 will be with Kusakabe asking the other sorcerers if they have been hit by Gojo’s limitless, to which Panda funnily replies that he never had been hit but tried to him instead and couldn’t do it. Whereas, Yuji says that he has been hit, but it wasn’t serious. 

Kusakabe explains that Gojo uses his blue effect of sucking things that makes the punch even more brutal and he even enhances his punch with his Cursed Energy.

Hikara adds that even though it’s a normal punch at the surface, it is like being hit by something harder. Curious, Kirara asks if it hurts, to which Hakari and Yuta simultaneously respond that they threw up.

Adding to the conversation, Yuji brings up advice from Nanami who once told him that if he wants to become a sorcerer, then he must not compare himself to Gojo as it will bring him despair. After this short intro to the chapter, the double spread see Gojo thrashing Sukuan around everywhere on the battlefield. 

The fight continues with hand-to-hand combat, where we see Gojo using blue to put Sukuna under the debris, but he gets out of it, and soon Gojo follows with a leg swing. The latter dodges again and tries to stomp Gojo instead. 

The next page sees Gojo using Shadow Clone Technique, and the clones go to attack Sukuna at once. However, Sukuna avoids the and grabs the real Gojo, and throws him. Gojo grabs onto a traffic signal pole and sits on top of it.

Gojo And Sukuna Declare The Final Round!

The next page informs the readers that Mahoraga adapts the ability after getting hit by the opponent and turning the wheel. However, Gojo notices that when Sukuna is using Domain Amplification, then Mahoraga cannot adapt to an ability. The wheel turns backward instead.

To avoid getting his abilities adapted, Gojo is using only simple abilities, which Sukuna notices. As the signal light turns green, the fight resumes with Gojo throwing the pulling pole at Sukuna from behind, but the latter catches it and throws it toward Gojo. 

As the fight continues, the other sorcerers try to depict how long it will take for Mahoraga to adapt to Gojo’s infinite. The next page sees Gojo and Sukuna walking around and talking over it, also to which the latter it will take four spins in total, and the wheel has already turned once.

Sukuna tells that it is a countdown to wipe Gojo’s smirk, to which the latter replies that it is the same for us while grinning hard. Gojo, once again, declares that he will kill Sukuna before the next three spins, which makes Hana worry that he has forgotten about Megumi.

Now the fight will enter the final phase truly in the next chapter, but the wait for it will be long as the chapter will be released following a break next week.

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