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June Again is an Australian heartfelt dramedy targeting Mother’s Day. Thus, mothers might like it. Claudia Karvan, who played Ginny, decided to sign for to film the moment she read the script, according to the statement she gave to the Australian Community Media.

The story is about a mother with dementia, but the script is tricky, funny, powerful, and cleverly written. It spreads positivity, and the director has set a perfect tone, though it is his first feature film. Families can spend quality time watching this film.

Claudia Karvan’s character in June Again differs from those she usually plays, and she expressed her gratitude for getting cast against Hazlehurst. JJ Winlove’s memories motivated him to write the story.

The Ninety-nine minutes long film was released on 6 May 2021. The main cast includes Stephen Curry, Claudia Karvan, and Noni Hazlehurst. Many viewers appreciated Hazlehurst’s luminous performance. They liked how the director skillfully portrayed a typical family’s struggles and how the family handles them without getting judgemental.

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June Again Plot

Noni Hazlehurst plays June Wilton, who stayed in a healthcare facility for five years to get her vascular dementia treated. Her brain got damaged due to a series of strokes. It is how she used to live in the present with the visions of the past, as if time halted for her.

June gets better with time. It has been five years, but she thinks only a couple of months passed. The doctor asks her not to get overconfident over her temporary mental health and stay in the care. Still, she returns to her house.

June decides to shape her children’s life till she can. She returns to her old house and learns it got sold after her departure due to dementia. She used to run a handmade wallpaper factory, which suffered from a loss and degradation in her absence during the five years. June borrows some clothes and goes to Ginny, her daughter. On the one hand, Ginny expresses extreme joy in seeing her mother. On the other hand, they argue too.

Moreover, June discovers that Ginny argued with her brother, Devon, when her partner’s investment went wrong. Ginny liked Devon’s wife, but Devon divorced her and got attracted to another woman, Ness. Devon was supposed to be an architect, but it did not work. Thus, he does a menial job.

June advises Ginny to be a painter and Devon, a musician. Thus, she wants them to chase their dreams. Devon brings Ness to meet June, who finds Ness rude and inappropriate for Devon. Moreover, she explains how his business does not match his qualifications, asking him to sell it and purchase their old family house.

June Again Cast
June Again Cast (Credits: STUDIOCANAL Australia/YouTube)

June’s Last Days

Devon gets furious with June’s unwanted interference but follows her advice when he learns that June still has dementia and only a few days left with her. He sells the business, buys their old family house, and stays there with Ness.

June reconnected with her old friend, David, after escaping the care. David, who still loves June, buys Devon’s business. Ginny starts painting and gets her new partner, Nick, Pier’s music teacher. Devon and Ginny reconcile while June spends her last day with David.

June Again encourages people to value their loved ones, relatives, friends, family members, and more. It depicts how relationships get intense with a change in emotions. Fights occur in several families. Thus, tolerating each other might seem difficult sometimes. However, these people support each other during a crisis.

Winlove knew how valuable memories are. Thus, he wondered what would happen if someone lost them. He learned a lot while writing his first feature film, though he had written a few short films.

June Again Filming Locations

Only twenty days were required to film June Again on Sydney’s North Shore in 2019.

The Wallpaper Factory

JJ Winlove, the director and writer of the film, included the hand-printed wallpaper factory in Leichhardt that used to be operated by his parents. He used to run around the factory and enjoy it in his childhood.

The Wallpaper Factory In June Again
The Wallpaper Factory In June Again (Credits: IMDb)

The production team was worried about not finding a suitable factory in Sydney during the pre-production process. Luckily, the director found it, and Claudia Karvan and Noni Hazlehurst went through a crash course to learn how to screen print.

June’s Old House

June’s old house, which seems lovely to many viewers, was filmed in Chatswood.

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