Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

Kairi Sane left WWE in July 2020. She announced her departure from the company in a heartfelt post on social media, as she also expressed her gratitude to WWE and its fans for her time with the company. After leaving WWE, she returned to Japan and continued her wrestling career there.

In recent news, Kairi Sane departed from STARDOM, and the rumor mill started churning in big way that she is set for a WWE return.

Ringside News reached out to ask about Kairi Sane’s current status with her WWE return. We were told that her name has come up in the creative team. This was confirmed by a tenured member of the staff, and there are ideas being discussed for her return.

That being said, when we asked about specifics about how Kairi Sane will be brought in, we were told, “No Spoilers.” Although we can’t spoil any WWE creative plans, we can confirm that they are in motion.

Kairi Sane could really shake up the women’s division on any brand within WWE. The Pirate Princess might be able to do even more during her second run in WWE as well, especially if you consider the fact that Triple H is Chief Content Officer now. After all, Triple H booked Sane as an incredibly strong champion in NXT.

WWE is always shifting and pieces are being moved around. The main roster is packed with talent as well, but they might be able to find a place for exceptional talents like Kairi Sane.

What’s your take on Kairi Sane making a return to WWE? Is this a good idea? Sound off in the comments to let us know what you think!

By Sandra Winters

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