Fri. Jul 19th, 2024

LA Knight is blazing his own path in professional wrestling, and he finally made his way to WWE. All of his catchphrases, except for the dummy tagline, came with Knight as well. That beings said, comparisons to The Rock and Stone Cold soon followed.

Some fans have also compared LA Knight to The Miz. If you ask him, he doesn’t see that similarity. He would, however, compare MJF to The Miz.

While speaking to the Daily Mail, LA Knight brought up MJF and he compared him to The Miz. He said they have a similar presentation, because LA Knight certainly doesn’t see the similarity between the A-Lister and himself.

That’s another guy (Miz) I’ve seen people make comparisons to and I’ve never really gotten.

“At least with MJF I can see those two being a little bit closer, they have a more similar presentation. But as far as me and him go, I don’t know.

“Right now it’s a feeling out process and I would say it was a helluva first feeling out process.”

Only time will well if LA Knight and MJF ever share a ring. The great bidding war of 2024 might be a real thing very soon, because although The Elite inked new deals with AEW, that doesn’t mean the Salt of the Earth has done the same.

Only time will tell what is in the future for LA Knight and MJF. It seems that The Miz might be a wildcard in this situation, as the veteran could make some incredible moments in the ring with both of them.

What’s your take on this comparison for MJF and The Miz? Sound off in the comments!

By Sandra Winters

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