Thu. May 23rd, 2024

L’Rain has announced I Killed Your Dog, her new album that’s out October 13 via Mexican Summer. The album, which follows 2021’s Fatigue, features her previously released single “New Year’s UnResolution” and a new one out today. “Pet Rock” arrives with a music video filled with miniatures. Check out the visual from Studio Jojo (Josie Keefe and Jonny Campolo) below.

In a new interview with Pitchfork’s Clover Hope about the album, Taja Cheek said she intended to show “a bolder, brattier, more diabolical side of L’Rain” with I Killed Your Dog. She also discussed her intention with the album title. “I mean, it’s horrible, it’s horrible,” she said. “But it also evokes so many things that I’m thinking about all at once. Like, is it empowerment? Is it like, you wronged me and I’m going to wrong you? Do I feel sorry about it? Do I not feel sorry about it? Am I evil? Am I not? Was it a mistake?” Read the full interview, “L’Rain Talks Shattering Expectations With Her ‘Basic Bitch’ Album, I Killed Your Dog,” on the Pitch.

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L’Rain: I Killed Your Dog

L’Rain: I Killed Your Dog

I Killed Your Dog:

01 Sincerity Commercial
02 Our Funeral
03 Pet Rock
04 I Hate My Best Friends
05 I Killed Your Dog
06 All the Days You Remember
07 5 to 8 Hours a Day (WWwaG)
08 Sometimes
09 R(Emote)
10 Uncertainty Principle
11 Oh Wow, a Bird!
12 Knead Bee
13 Monsoon of Regret
14 Clumsy
15 What’s That Song?
16 New Year’s UnResolution

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