Sat. Feb 24th, 2024

Netflix has revealed a brand new One Piece photo from the live-action series adaptation of Eiichiro Oda’s popular anime of the same name. The series will be available for streaming on August 31.

The photo provides fan a first look at the live-action version of Chef Zeff, who is known as Sanji’s mentor and the owner of the Baratie restaurant. The character will be portrayed by Craig Fairbrass as Chef Zeff, who was originally voiced by Kōji Yada and Ben Hiura in the anime.

Who is Chef Zeff?

In the manga and anime, Chef Zeff was a former pirate captain known as Red-Leg, who became Sanji’s cooking mentor and father figure after saving his life when he was a kid. He was initially introduced as the owner of the Baratie, a ship operating as a restaurant in the middle of the ocean. He’s also one of the few pirates who successfully managed to traverse the treacherous Grand Line for a year.

Based on Eiichiro Oda’s iconic manga of the same name, the story follows Monkey D. Luffy, a pirate who gains the powers to turn his body to rubber after eating a “Devil Fruit.” He ventures around a fantastical world of exotic islands and vast oceans in search of the legendary treasure known as “One Piece.”

Netflix’s One Piece series also stars Peter Gadiot as Shanks, Morgan Davies as Koby, Ilia Isorelýs Paulino as Alvida, Aidan Scott as Helmeppo, Jeff Ward as Buggy, McKinley Belcher III as Arlong, Vincent Regan as Garp, Alexander Maniatis as Klahadore, Steven Ward as Mihawk, Langley Kirkwood as Captain Morgan, Celeste Loots as Kaya, and Chioma Umeala as Nojiko.

The One Piece live-action series is written and executive produced by Steven Maeda (The X-Files) and Matt Owens (Agents of SHIELD), with Maeda set as the showrunner. Executive producers are Marty Adelstein and Becky Clements of Tomorrow Studios along with original manga author Eiichiro Oda.

By Sandra Winters

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