Sat. Feb 24th, 2024

Britt Baker has been around the pro wrestling business for long enough to know that it is a pretty small world. That being said, you never know when you might run into someone that you never expected to face-to-face. That apparently happened for Baker when she landed in London.

AEW All In is going down in London this Sunday, but stars are already arriving. Adam Cole made it to London, just before his huge night in Wembley Stadium. His girlfriend, Britt Baker, also has a big night planned as she will compete in the four-way AEW Women’s Title match.

Britt Baker was surprised to see that when she landed in London, someone wanted a photo with her, and it was someone who had already made plenty of negative statements about her. Baker logged onto X to let her fans know all about it.

When a podcaster who buries you and spreads lies about you and your locker room is the first one to ask for a pic in London.

Don’t worry guys the bully here said yes

It appears that Britt Baker could have been talking about Heel Jesse, who runs the YouTube channel ChiTown Smark, because he posted a photo of himself with Baker and Adam Cole. Fans online have chimed in to agree with this theory. His caption also read, “his is gonna be an awesome weekend! (Hi Brittany).” He also included a smiling emoji to cap off the post.

We will have to see how All In London pans out. Adam Cole might leave Wembley Stadium as a double champion, and Britt Baker could pull down the AEW Women’s Title again, although she has previously stated that she doesn’t want the title again.

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