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PRITZ is a four-member group that has had a short span of life to it, but the work they have done in this period is commendable.

PRITZ stands for Pretty Rangers In Terrible Zone which began its music journey in 2014 and has given us loads of songs to enjoy with, but the end of the band was something very disheartening for the fans.

In this blog, we will discuss everything there is to know about PRITZ and its journey as we disclose all about the members, songs, debut, and albums of the band that is PRITZ (Pretty Ranger In Terrible Zone).


As evident as it has been made, PRITZ stands for Pretty Rangers In Terrible Zone. PRITZ is a four-member group that is managed by Pandagram and these members have done their job well in bringing popularity to PRITZ for at least the single year they worked for.

The band had its first debut soon in April 2014 and stayed consistent with their songs, but suddenly, PRITZ got off track and disbanded silently in 2015, never to be heard again. This band does have two mascots, namely Subakmon and Crank. Sadly, this band has no fandom name or official color to it.


Members of any kpop band are crucial for any band’s success. This band itself has gained the hype in a single year because of the dedication of every group member of the band PRITZ.

The members had indeed given their heart and soul to the music industry and their team at Pentagram. PRITZ consists of four members – Yuna, Hana, Shu-A, and Ari.


Yuna is the oldest member of Pretty Ranges In Terrible Zone (PRITZ), who has served her responsibility as a vocalist and dancer in the band. She has a good hand at guitar and is an equally crucial member of the band as others.

Yuna (Credits: Pandagram)

Although her dream has always been to go solo in the Kpop industry, she did give her best at the band and proved her worth as a talented member of PRITZ.

  • Age – 29 Years
  • Height – 162 cm (5’3)
  • Relationship Status – N/A


Hana is another beauty at Pretty Rangers In Terrible Zone (PRITZ). She is pretty short in her team, but her duty as a dancer and vocalist of the team has been taken super seriously. She is a determined member of the band and has been very serious with her duties.

Hana (Credits: Pandagram)

Moreover, her music choice for the band is phenomenally well-addressed. Hana is also one of the most beautiful members of PRITZ.

  • Age – 28 Years
  • Height – 158 cm (5’2)
  • Relationship Status – N/A

Shu A

Shu A is a good performer from PRITZ (Pretty Rangers In Terrible Zone). She is a vital member of the team who also holds the same duty as vocalist and dancer of the team, which helps keep equality in the band with no disputes.

ShuA (Credits: Pandagram)

Shu A is the tallest member of PRITZ and also the most beautiful member of the band, who has many eyes on her. Shu A has also been the face of the and is found determined for PRITZ.

  • Age – 28 Years
  • Height – 165 cm (5’4)
  • Relationship Status – N/A


Ari is the last and the youngest member of the band, also known as the maknae of the band Pretty Rangers In Terrible Zone. She is loved by all and has a charm in her eyes. Besides being the youngest, Ari is the vocalist and dancer of the team, similar to others, and has gained loads of love from many.

She wants to be a star and is determined towards her dream for sure. Ari is a gem at the band with many talents that can be polished to carve an indestructible talent of South Korea.

  • Age – 26 Years
  • Height – 164 cm (5’4)
  • Relationship Status – N/A

Songs, Albums, and Debut

It has already been disclosed that Pretty Rangers In Terrible Zone (PRITZ) is a band that lost its track within a year of its launch and lost the market in 2015 by silently disbanding soon.

Despite the disbanding, the band had performed well and gave their days and nights to the band, which concluded in bringing multiple songs to the table in a very short period that were well written and created.

The band debuted in the market with their digital single named ‘Go Girls’. Here is the list of every musical art that PRITZ has ever released.

Digital Singles

  • Go, Girls! – 2014
  • Melon Watermelon – 2014
  • Bebebebebebe – Follow Me – National Health Gymnastics Song – 2014

Single Albums

  • The Greatest Human Challenge – 2014
  • Sorasora – 2014
  • Crazy Cowboy – 2015

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