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We are talking about the show Ragnarok, specifically its third season, so continue reading till the end as we explain the ending of this final season to you. The Norwegian fantasy drama that has impressed the fans with its fantastical end-of-the-world theme has recently wrapped its third and last season.

Ragnarok Season 3 is available on Netflix, and despite its modern-day setting in Edda in Hordaland, the show has taken heavy inspiration from Norse myths and legends, just as the name suggests. The show has actors including David Stakston, Jonas Strand Gravli, Herman Tommeraas, Theresa Frostad Eggesbo, Emma Bones, and Henriette Steenstrup, among many others. 

The show revolves around two half brothers called Magne and Laurits, both of whom are the present-day versions of Thor, the god of thunder, and Loki, the god of mischief. The town where these god brothers live suffers drastically from significant climate change and pollution, mostly caused by the presence of the Jutul family.

This Jutul family also has a lot of supernatural in them. The story is about the god of thunder and how he decides to fight any and everybody who could potentially ruin their town, including the Jutul family. And with the addition of seasons, more Norse gods and supernatural beings get introduced to create a more complicated story arc.

Created by Adam Price and Emilie Lebech Kaae, this third season is all about the greatest possible showdown between the ‘gods and giants’ along with the two brothers, who would also be going against one another. Magne discovers new limits to his powers, and his determination to bring down the Jutuls is stronger than ever.

Billie Barker as Signy and David Stakston as Magne in Ragnarok (Credits: Netflix)
Billie Barker as Signy and David Stakston as Magne in Ragnarok. (Credits: Netflix)

Laurits finds himself in a dilemma as he struggles to decide his loyalties, considering he is part Jutul and part a Norse god. Though he does bring a terrifying sea monster to the war, you will have to read till the end to find out where his allegiance lies.

Ragnarok Season 3 Ending Explained

The final season of the show was grand and everything that fans could have imagined. While many thought that the ending was satisfying, there are others who believe that the finale was dull and disappointing. At the start of season 3, we saw him using all kinds of modern tools to help him fight better, though he still has his hammer, the one he named Mjolnir.

The increased powers of Magne are perceived as a threat by the Jutuls, and while they worry for their safety, Laurits nurtures the sea monster to have it ready to end Magne’s life whenever needed.

The final episode of the show opens with a peaceful scene; things seem strangely calm, and we know that some sort of peace treaty was signed between the giants and the gods. This newfound peace in town meant that Magne could set his second life aside and go back to being a silly teenager, at least for some time.

A Peaceful Life For All

He prepares for his finals, passes his exams, and we finally see him graduating. We also see other characters like Harry and Iman returning to their normal lives, Fjor dating somebody, and finally, Saxa starting a new job, one that does not hurt the environment anymore.

Billie Barker as Signy in the show, Ragnarok (Credits: Netflix)
Billie Barker as Signy in the show Ragnarok (Credits: Netflix)

She seems to be working with activists and investors who advise her on how to run the Jutul industries without causing too much pollution. We see Laurits deciding to move out and live together with Jens, and while his moving out process turns their house upside down, Magne accidentally comes across some of his old things, which throws him into a nostalgic spiral.

He finds his old comics and a miniature version of Thor’s hammer, and we question if this is how Ragnarok ends. We cut to a scene of their high school graduation ceremony where Magne looks clearly distracted. Signy continues ignoring the life out of Magne walking past him during the graduation ceremony without even sparing him a glance.

Another Battle?

Finally, the ceremony begins, and Magne tries his best to pay attention to Ran’s speech, but a slight look outside the window is enough for him to completely lose Ran. He spots Harry with a young boy who he recognizes as Hod, the child who got his eye poked with an arrow during the battle in one of the previous episodes.

He also finds Hod with a bow and arrow, and he shoots the arrow. We see it miss the actual target and pierce right through Jens. While this shocks both the viewers and Magne, everyone else in the room seems completely unfazed. 

We are told this entire scene is similar to what happened in one of Magne’s Thor comic books. This scene was called The Death of Baldur, and Jens happened to be the modern version of him, hence the piercing. Magne senses an incoming battle being led by Laurits, causing the prophecy to be true. 

Laurits, along with his three giants, starts killing people one by one, and while the battle is ongoing, we hear a far-off sound of clapping, which slowly feels close and real. Turns out the prophecy rolling out, Jens’s death, and the war were all inside Magne’s head. 

Magne in season 3 of the show, Ragnarok (Credits: Netflix)
Magne in season 3 of the show Ragnarok (Credits: Netflix)

Signy, Magne, & The Rest

Still traumatized by what he imagined during the ceremony, Magne decides to stay back in school after everyone leaves, only for Signy to show up. Magne grabs onto this opportunity and goes down on both knees to apologize, and it turns out this was also a part of the long-planned prophecy.

According to the prophecy, the actual god of thunder was to die after getting poisoned by the sea monster, only to be re-incarnated as Magne in the present times in Edda. With Signy also confessing that she wants to be with Magne, he ends up walking the pre-planned nine steps towards her.

This also means that he has moved on from Ragnarok onto new, brighter beginnings. He throws away his Thor comics, indicating that he has completely wrapped up all lingering feelings. Right before the credits roll, we see Magne meeting up with Signy and everybody else from the old gang, including Jens, Laurits, and their families.

With the camera panning, we briefly see a figure that fans recognize to be Isolde, though she slowly fades away, meaning that though she will always be present in Magne’s mind, he continues to be affected by her passing. He is also starting to heal. 

The Ending Explained

The battle at the graduation ceremony was imaginary, but what about the entire series? While many fans online seem to be happy with how the show ended, considering nobody died, the VFX remained great, and the plotlines were well-tied, others feel underwhelmed because there are aspects of the show that point to it all being more or less ‘imagined.’

Magne and Signy together in the final episode of the show, Ragnarok (Credits: Netflix)
Magne and Signy together in the final episode of the show Ragnarok (Credits: Netflix)

Magne’s mother had at some point revealed that her son had used Thor’s comic books to escape from reality and that he even had paranoid schizophrenic tendencies. This statement in itself makes you question the reality of the entire show. 

Isolde becoming Magne’s good friend and then dying was traumatizing for him, and it did, after all, trigger Magne into finding external sources to direct all of his grief and anger. She had died in a paragliding accident, but Magne fires up a scenario and blames the Jutuls for her death, which sets in motion the story of the show.

It is a possibility that Isolde’s death triggered him to regress to the only way of coping that he knew, which was escaping trauma through comic books and imagination. This could mean that Magne created this entire story in his head, where he went on battles, fought giants, and took revenge for Isolde’s death so that he could feel in control of the entire situation.

And if this is what the makers were going for, then they have done a great job of making the entire series seem pointless and disappointing. We think that it is up to the viewers to decide whether they want to hold on to this theory or not. Make sure to stream the show and catch it on Netflix.

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