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WWE SummerSlam is coming up on August 5th, and Detroit’s Ford Field will likely include a lot of big moments. Don’t expect to hear Randy Orton’s theme song during the event to indicate his return to action.

Ringside News exclusively reported that WWE has a hope for Randy Orton’s return to the company. That being said, it is not planned until after SummerSlam is well out of the way. We did not confirm the time-frame, but we were told his return is expected this year.

Sean Sapp noted behind his paywall that, although he might be around for SummerSlam, there is no sign that Randy Orton is making his way back to the ring at at this point. He is a long way away from being medically cleared.

Despite reports of Randy Orton being in Detroit, I’m told by people close to Randy that he is nowhere near medically cleared to return at this point

Randy Orton has made ton of money in WWE, so the thought was out there that The Viper doesn’t need to wrestle again. That being said, his home is in the ring, and there are plans for his return.

We will keep our eyes peeled for more on this ongoing story. Orton’s return will likely happen, even though he was advised by doctor that he might want to hang up his boots. Cowboy Bob Orton, WWE Hall of Famer and father of Randy Orton, recently spoke to Bill Apter when his son came up in the conversation. Cowboy then revealed that The Viper’s doctors told him not to return.

“He’s training, so we’ll see what happens; I don’t know. If he feels like he’s ready to go back, I think he might, but again he’s pretty well taken care of. I don’t think he need [sic] to. And I think the doctors have told him not to. But Randy will do what Randy wants to do.”

Randy Orton’s WWE return would bring a lot of attention, but don’t bet on it happening any time soon. That being said, you can bet that if he wants to make his way to a WWE event, then he would be more than welcome to come backstage and hang out for as long as he wants.

What’s your take on Randy Orton’s WWE return? Do you think it will happen sooner than later? Sound off in the comments to let us know what you think!

By Sandra Winters

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