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Want to know about Rauw Alejandro’s break up? The King of Modern Reggaeton made several headlines as he released his new song – Hayami Hana. You must listen to it. Keeping this aside, the news of his separation is hurtful enough for his lovely fans. What happened?

Rauw Alejandro belongs to the “new generation” of Puerto Rican urban musicians. Hailing from San Juan, he is now 30 years old. Some of his notable songs are- El Efecto, Mirame, Fantasías, Una Noche, Sexo Virtual, Te Felicito, Punto 40, Cambia el Paso, etc. Till now, Rauw has worked with various artists, including Shakira, Chencho Corleone, Chris Brown, Bad Bunny, etc. 

Rauw Alejandro’s collaboration with Selena Gomez for the song: Bailo Conmigo went viral on social media. This year,  he made his acting debut in the crime thriller series Sky Rojo. He portrayed the character of Diego in the same. 

Coming back to Rauw Alejandro’s break up, it calls for the discussion of his relationship. It was in late 2019, Rauw got romantically related to the Spanish singer Rosalia. In March, the couple announced their engagement. After three months or so, they broke up. Why? What went wrong? Here is what we know about Rauw Alejandro’s breakup. 

Rauw Alejandro's Break Up
Rauw Alejandro (Credit: SPORT)

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Rauw Alejandro’s Break Up: Everything To Know 

On 25 July 2023, Rauw Alejandro announced the breakup news from Rosalia. Before getting into more details, one must know who she is. Well, Rosalia is a Spanish singer, hailing from Sant Cugat del Valles. Some of her notable musical works are- Motomami, Bagdad, Linda, Tuya, and Chicken Teriyaki. In 2020, Rauw and Rosalia worked together on the studio album: Afrodisiaco. 

Concerning Rauw Alejandro’s new track, Hayami Hana, it’s all about his breakup. The reason behind Rauw Alejandro’s break up is not known but is believed to have been for good. Not all relationships last, and that’s okay. One thing you must know is that Rauw and Rosalia are on good terms and are continuing their friendship. There is no bad blood. Overall, we may say that Rauw Alejandro’s breakup was amicable. 

Well, in March, right after their engagement, Rauw and Rosalia revealed that they were opposites regarding their music. In other words, their professional approach is different. Like what? Rosalia is a workaholic, and Rauw is a laidback artist.

Rauw Alejandro's Break Up
Rauw Alejandro and Rosalia (Credit: Rolling Stone)

As the news of Rauw Alejandro’s breakup dropped online, fans started speculating about the reason. Some claimed that their busy schedules and career transitions might be the reason behind their split. 

Rauw once shared that people usually prefer drama in the entertainment world. In that case, love affairs take precedence. On Tiktok, many people claimed that the Latin singer cheated on others with a Colombian model. After some time, Rauw confirmed that their breakup was not due to any infidelity case or third-party involvement. On the following day, Rosalia shared that she loves, respects, and admires Rauw very much. Also, she didn’t pay any attention to the peculiarities. 

Best Wishes to both Rauw Alejandro and Rosalia for the upcoming days of their lives. Make sure to follow both on their respective Instagram accounts for more updates. 

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