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Richard Lewis may have despised Larry David when they were kids, but he nows consider his Curb co-star one of his closest friends.

Richard Lewis has had some of the funniest scenes on Curb Your Enthusiasm, proving a fantastic and reliable partner to Larry David. But the two were far from hitting off in the early days, with Lewis saying he couldn’t stand being near the show’s creator.

Speaking with The Spectator, Richard Lewis recalled first meeting Larry David long before Curb Your Enthusiasm, noting their friendship — well, their familiarity — goes back to their pre-teen days. “I disliked him intensely. He was cocky, he was arrogant…When we played baseball I tried to hit him with the ball: we were arch rivals. I couldn’t wait for the camp to be over just to get away from Larry. I’m sure he felt the same way.”

Of course, this changed drastically as time went on and Lewis and David, who are both 76, stand as close friends. And even though Richard Lewis has announced he will step away from the stand-up stage following a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease, he will return for season 12 of Curb Your Enthusiasm, adding to his run of being a consistent fan favorite. And so while he wanted to beam David, the two continue their collaborations and friendship. As Lewis put it, “In truth, he loves me and I’m his dearest friend…But it would be rare for him to go deep like that. I could blabber about how much I love the guy.”

Adding to his working relationship with David, Richard Lewis said the comedian knows just how to use him on Curb because much of it plays off of their offscreen dynamic. “He knows the buttons I have emotionally…When he teases me on his show it’s exactly what he’ll do in real life….It’s no secret he’s made a tremendous amount of money, which is great for him, but knowing that I’ve always felt that if we go to a restaurant I don’t like Larry to pick up the cheque. I can’t bear it, and I would say, ‘Oh, Mr Big Shot, I can pay, I’ve had a decent career, you don’t have to pick up my cheque.’” See? Richard Lewis is totally deserving of having a deli sandwich named after him!

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By Sandra Winters

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