Tue. Feb 27th, 2024

Ryback has seen a lot of things in his life, but he hasn’t landed a date with Linda McMahon. Although we’re not sure if that is really in the realm of possibility, Ryback still found himself pondering the possibilities today.

During his live steam, Ryback stated that someone was trying to call him from a number linked to Linda McMahon. It is very possible that was a prank, and they were using a spoofed number, but it still gave him content to talk about.

Ryback went on to joke about this a bit. He stated that getting Linda McMahon might be the ultimate payback on Vince McMahon. He might have been kidding, but you have to wonder if Ryback would consider if.

“What a play that would be. It really is. Linda and I start dating. That would be the ultimate payback. Ryback and Linda McMahon married.”

“Just starts going on dates publicly. Success is the best revenge they say. What better success would there be.”

“You see me, Linda and Trump hanging out in Vegas. Out at the steakhouses campaigning. Me posting petty selfies of me and Linda having a good time out by the pool just to get back at Vince.”

Linda McMahon isn’t even working with WWE anymore, as she has gone totally into politics. Only time will tell if Ryback and Linda ever hook up, but it would certainly give him an interesting tweet to drop about his former boss.

You never know what Ryback will say or do next to drum up attention and engagement. If anything, today certainly wasn’t a boring one for the Big Guy.

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By Sandra Winters

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