Thu. May 23rd, 2024

Sami Zayn was supposed to take part in the six-man tag team match to end WWE RAW this week. Then things happened and he wasn’t medically cleared. Now, we have the latest update on what’s going on with 1/2 of the Undisputed Tag Team Champions.

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Sami Zayn was “injured” during WWE RAW this week. Thankfully, that appears to be all a part of the show. That doesn’t mean he will wrestle in the main event match.

Sean Sapp provided an updated on X during WWE RAW this week. It was reported that the Sami Zayn injury spot was planned all day, so this was supposed to happen

Regarding Sami Zayn — that spot was planned all throughout the say.

We will have to see how WWE books this situation. Sami Zayn is a beloved WWE Superstar, and he still has a ton of momentum. Hopefully, this setback won’t cost him much time from the ring.

Kevin Owens is also out of action with a legit injury. Keep checking beck with Ringside News for more on this situation, and as always, leave your comments below!

By Sandra Winters

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