Thu. May 23rd, 2024

Sampha has announced his new album, Lahai. The London singer-songwriter revealed the follow-up to 2017’s Process via an Instagram post on Thursday (August 24). Lahai takes its title from Sampha’s grandfather name, which is also the artist’s middle name. The album has yet to receive a release date. 

“LAHAI,” Sampha captioned his announcement. “My grandfather’s name. My middle name. My next musical chapter. My next album Fever Dreams. Continuums. Dancing. Generations. Syncopation. Bridges. Grief. Motherlands. Love. Spirit. Fear. Flesh. Flight.”

Earlier this week, Sampha shared a clip of a new unreleased and presently untitled song to his Instagram. In June, he released his first solo single in six years, “Spirit 2.0.” He also recently featured on Travis Scott’s Utopia, appearing on “My Eyes” with Bon Iver. 

By Sandra Winters

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