Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

Saraya is still going strong as a heel in AEW, and she was around for the main event where Toni Storm lost her title to Hikaru Shida. That was a big moment, but Saraya was not impressed by one fan at ringside.

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This week on AEW Dynamite, Saraya was at it again. This all started when one young fan flipped her the bird during the event. That is when the camera started rolling for a fan video that is going viral.

Saraya walked right up to that kid and got his attention in a hurry. Then she returned the gesture with a middle finger of her own. Since Saraya is a pro, she also covered up her hand so nobody could see if they were looking from Tony Khan’s direction.

This kid certainly got the message that Saraya is still playing it up in a big way as a heel in AEW. That gesture from Saraya was not lost on fans live at AEW Dynamite who were lucky enough to see the interaction in person.

Saraya was fined an undisclosed amount of money after she got little colorful with her language, and she called fans “a bunch of neckbeard stinky tw*ts.” This word is not one that Turner was not okay with that. AEW was able to put that money from the fine to good use though.

We will have to see what Saraya does next in AEW. She might have been originally booked to be a babyface, but she is going to get every ounce of heel energy out while she can. If anything, she certainly gave that kid an experience he won’t soon forget.

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By Sandra Winters

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