Mon. Sep 25th, 2023

Seth Rollins is the Visionary of WWE and has done a lot for the business since his debut in the company more than a decade ago. He also has a lot of love and respect for his peers and that includes Bray Wyatt, who passed away recently. Now it appears Rollins could be seen breaking down in the ring during a Bray Wyatt tribute at a WWE live event.

Bray Wyatt passed away at the age of 36, shocking fans and the pro wrestling world alike as they slowly come to terms with such a tragic loss. A lot of tributes continue to come pouring out even now.

During the WWE live event at Cape Girardeau, Seth Rollins competed in a singles match against Finn Balor. After winning the match, fans in the arena started with the “He’s got the whole world in his hands” chant. Rollins simply couldn’t hold back tears as he broke down in the ring.

WWE’s tribute to Bray Wyatt on Friday Night Smackdown was an emotional night as fans and pro wrestlers alike came together to celebrate the life of the man known as Windham Rotunda. WWE also plans on carrying out more tributes for Wyatt. No matter what, Bray Wyatt will continue to touch many people’s lives.

What do you think of Seth Rollins breaking down in the ring? What will you miss about Bray Wyatt the most? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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