Fri. Jul 19th, 2024

If you’re from Long Island and you miss the good old days, back around 20 years ago, when you could see Taking Back Sunday play a house show, well, then here’s some great news for you: over the weekend, the band took the stage in a backyard on Long Island, and delivered an electrifying surprise set. Watch fan-recorded videos below.

The throwback gig happened on Sunday, August 13th, the day after the band played a headlining set at the Four Chord Music Festival in Western Pennsylvania. According to fans on social media, it was about as simple as it sounds: the band arranged a show at a friend’s house, set up in the backyard, and played.

Videos posted to social media show a yard full of fans moshing, crowd surfing, dancing, singing along, and, overall, having the times of their lives. “Only on Long Island can the stuff of dreams happen, you just had to be there,” one Twitter user wrote. Watch videos of the performance below.

Others have inquired whether the band will play more small-scale shows like this, with one Twitter user asking: “Are you booking backyard shows now?” The band has since implied that the answer to that question is essentially “No,” replying that this was a show booked “though that one friend,” whoever that is.

Still, all this comes during an exciting time for Taking Back Sunday. This past June, the band returned with “The One,” their first new song in four years. Then, in July, they participated in the “Sad Summer Festival” tour with The Maine, Mom Jeans, and more. That tour has wrapped, but the band still has some remaining live dates in 2023 — grab your tickets here.

By Sandra Winters

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