Tue. Feb 27th, 2024

The Chemical Brothers are back with another new song from For That Beautiful Feeling, their upcoming album. “Skipping Like a Stone” features Beck on vocals, reuniting the two artists after their 2015 collaboration “Wide Open” from Born in the Echoes. Listen to the new single below.

“The Chemical Brothers have a great predilection for exploration,” Beck said of his experiencing collaborating with them. “They kind of sit in an unusual place between different eras of electronic music and DJ culture. It’s like they have one foot in multiple decades at the same time in a way that is utterly unique among their peers.”

For That Beautiful Feeling is out September 8 and includes the previously released singles “No Reason,” a new mix of “The Darkness That You Fear,” and “Live Again.” The 11-track LP follows their 2019 album No Geography. A month after the new album comes out, the Chemical Brothers will also release a new book about their unique history in electronic music.

Revisit Pitchfork’s interview “Running on Instinct: How the Chemical Brothers Stay Vital.”

By Sandra Winters

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