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The Legend of Anle episode 32 is set to release very soon. This series can be considered as a lovely series from China, although it has its own few flaws to it, which can be given a slack, but as the story moves forward and episodes escalate, The Legend Of Anle is expected to grow good on everyone’s heart.

The story of this Chinese romantic comedy series is all about the tale of Di Zi Yuan, who lost her parents and her family when her clan was beheaded on the orders of the King for being accused of treason.

The accusation has been false, and all of them are very innocent, which grows bad in Zi Yuan’s blood, and she sets out on her revenge journey from the Kingdom that doomed her clan.

Ten years later, she comes back to the kingdom and gets with her cause, but through her mission, she ends up falling for the crown prince of the Kingdom, Han Ye, who understands his lover, decides to get both parties to a truce and get Zi Yuan justice who has changed her name to Ren Anle to disguise her identity.

The Legend Of Anle: Story Till Now

We get to see how the fake Di Zi Yuan is anxious about her marriage with the crown prince and how it might be dissolved soon. On the other hand, a sad crown prince is sad about how he couldn’t see who the real Di Zi Yuan was, but now that he knows, he will choose the love of her life.

As the episode moves forward, the fake Zi Yuan is asked by Empress to be within her limits, and she claims that she will accept her fate as the daughter of a traitor. On the other hand, Ling Lang visits the former general of the kingdom, whom she asks about the truth about the Di Clan and what happened with them ten years ago.

When Anle and the crown prince meet again, he requests her not to change her name from Anle and asks her to disclose any plans she has for them, but this conversation takes up a heated turn which ends up into a serious banter between both.

the legend of anle
The Legend of Anle (Credits: Youku)

At the beginning of the ceremony, when everyone wishes the empress good wishes, fake Zi Yuan comes up to accept her fault as the heir of the Di family and their sins who is interrupted by a man who comes to claim himself as the only living soldier from the clan and demands justice after explaining what happened to the soldiers of Di clan and how they died a wrong death.

This soldier calls the general of the opposite clan and claims that he is the general responsible for killing everyone from the Di family. Here he notifies of a letter that claims Zhong Hai as the one behind the entire massacre. This brings another challenge in front of us as the trials are about to begin now.

The Legend Of Anle Episode 32 Release Date

The Legend Of Anle episode 32 is expected to be the episode that will turn out crucial for the story. The events of both episodes are the ones that will make a huge impact on what happens next in the story and how the relationship between Anle and Han ye will bloom.

The Legend Of Anle episode 32 will be released on August 1, 2023. While the popularity of the show increases worldwide, here is the release schedule of the episodes based on various time zones.

  • Pacific Standard Time (Canada): 3:00 AM (Tuesday, August 1, 2023)
  • Central Standard Time (US): 5:00 AM (Tuesday, August 1, 2023)
  • Eastern Standard Time (Mexico): 6:00 AM (Tuesday, August 1, 2023)
  • Greenwich Mean Time (UK): 10:00 AM (Tuesday, August 1, 2023)
  • Indian Standard Time (India): 3:30 PM (Tuesday, August 1, 2023)
  • Thailand Time (Thailand): 5:00 PM (Tuesday, August 1, 2023)
  • Japan Standard Time (Japan): 7:00 PM (Tuesday, August 1, 2023)
  • Australian Central Daylight Time (Australia): 8:00 PM (Tuesday, August 1, 2023)

Where To Watch Legend Of Anle?

As evident as it gets, The Legend of Anle is getting much more popular in international settings as well, which is why the demand for the show has shot up recently. In today’s time, you can watch this series easily on Youku and Rakuten Viki in both China and the overseas market as well.

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