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Directed by Rob Zombie, The Lords Of Salem is a 2012 horror film, and it’s been 13 years, but the audience is still very keen to know so much about the film, its plot, characters, etc. However, here we can learn everything about the ending of the horror thriller The Lords Of Salem.

Joining the cast of The Lords of Salem are Sheri Moon Zombie as Heidi LaRoc & Adelaide Hawthorne, Jeff Daniel Phillips as Herman “Whitey” Salvador, Bruce Davison as Francis Matthias, Meg Foster as Margaret Morgan, Judy Geeson as Lacy Doyle, Dee Wallace as Sonny, Patricia Quinn as Megan, Sid Haig as Dean Magnus, and more.

However, this supernatural horror drama is definitely worth watching once. Although the film takes us on a confusing ride, however, every part has a story that keeps us stuck to the screen. 

The Lords Of Salem Synopsis

The plot of The Lords Of Salem revolves around a woman named Heidi LaRoc from Salem, Massachusetts. She has had a history of addiction to drugs. However, now she is on the path to recovery. Professionally, she is a DJ at a hard rock station.

She works along with her friends as well as colleagues Whitey and Munster. Moreover, one day she received an unknown wooden box from nowhere that had the albums of a band called The Lords. No one had ever heard of this group, and everything seemed strange!

Her friend Whitey and she listened to the tracks of the album, and ever since she listened to that album, everything went abnormal. Heide had visions of a woman who was praying to Satan. Although when the music stops, the visions vanish.

The Lords Of Salem Ending 

Further, Heidi was interviewing Francis Matthias, and he was the writer of the Salem witch trials book. At the station, the same music of the Lords was played, and after the interview was done, Matthias confronted his wife that this band was haunting him.

Lacy & Her Sisters

Then, on her way home, Heidi’s landlord, Lacy, invited her for a wine session with her her sisters, Megan and Sonny. There, Megan is a palm reader, and she reads Heidi’s. She says that Heidi will sometimes give in to her sexual urges. This upsets her, and she leaves.

Heidi’s Visions

Later that night, Heidi has a nightmare where she sees herself in vacant apartment 5 where everything seems horror. Further, she sees a nude witch who hailed “Bleed us a king” to her. This breaks her, and she goes to a church, where she falls asleep.

Again, she dreams of a priest assaulting her. Leaving the church, she is chased by a ghost who says he is waiting for her. On the other hand, Matthias was researching hard on The Lords, and he tracks down the author.

He tells Matthias that it was in the 17th century when Rev. Hawthorne accused some Satan worshippers who were responsible for controlling Salem’s women. Their leader was Margaret Morgan, and Hawthorne killed the women.

The Curse

The worst part was Hawthorne put a curse on the women of Salem, and it was all part of it. However, it does not end there, Hawthorne’s descendants were cursed, too, and it was later discovered that Heidi was one of his descendants. It said that the earth would be inherited by the devil’s child.

The Lords of Salem synopsis
Bruce Davison as Francis Matthias (Credits: Vulture)

Lords of Salem Concert

However, at Heidi’s station, the Lords of Salem concert was happening. She again listens to the tracks which make her crazy. She again uses drugs, and taking this advantage, Lacy, Megan & Sonny take her to apartment 5. There was a whole opera setup with a demon being seated on the throne.

He comes closer to her via his tentacles, but she later finds herself in her home. Then, Matthias wanted to tell everything to Heidi, but Lacy & her sisters reached out to him and killed him. Heidi saw everything but did nothing. This was a ritual, and she was also a part of what was happening.

Then, everyone reaches the concert, and as the music plays, every woman strips off their clothes. It was there when Heidi gave birth to a weird creature on the dead bodies lying. Further, Heidi goes missing & the ritual is done.

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