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Amazon Prime Video’s The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 2 concluded۔ We’re going to share a few details about the last episode titled “Love Triangle”, an apt title for what has been going on in this season as Belly’s heart and attention was divided among two young handsome men, each with their own character flaws, that add up to Belly’s own problems with getting in touch with her feelings.

This post contains a few spoilers plus my interpretation of the season’s finale, so, if you haven’t seen the final episode yet, I suggest you watch it, and then contrast your perception of the sophomore season’s finale of The Summer I Turned Pretty with mine. 

The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 2
A still from the show (Credit: Amazon Prime Video)

The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 2 Finale Recap

This season was nothing but a reflection of a journey of discovery for the main characters in a solid character development story arc. Belly, Conrad and Jeremiah have changed a lot. This episode is titled “Love Triangle” and we begin with Conrad doing an admissions test to the university. 

Meanwhile, things blossom between Belly and Jeremiah because Belly tells him that she wants to be her girlfriend. The duo kisses, and Conrad witnesses the kiss. 

Conrad shuts down, confronts his jealousy, his impulsiveness and realizes that Belly won’t be with him after he asks her if that kiss was real or just to make him jealous. After a talk, the three of them get in the car, and start to talk about other stuff. 

Eventually, we move on to a scene worth recapping: Taylor and Steven talk about who should Belly choose. Like if they know better than her. Steve vouches for Conrad but knows that dude is jealous. Taylor goes for Jeremiah because he points out that Conrad already made Belly sad in the past. 

Belly ends up with Jeremiah despite being in love at first with Conrad, she explores her feelings and gives this season a conclusion that makes you smile because of the acting quality. 

The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 2 Finale Ending Explained

At the conclusion of this season, we see how Belly ponders her feelings in that love triangle she has going on with Conrad and Jeremiah. While Conrad was the first dude she set her eyes on, as the show moves on, Belly finds out that Jeremiah has proven her genuine care, affection and shown feelings towards her. 

Conrad’s feelings for Belly become challenged when she starts dating Jeremiah. Moreover, Conrad has a really hard time controlling his jealous temper, but in an impressive character story arc development he acknowledges that being jealous is bad for everyone, takes a step back, and lets Belly and Jeremiah on their own. 

Conrad was always the kind of dude that felt that if he had a lot on his mind, it was an unbearable weight to bear. Jeremiah was the kind of dude that kept cool, saw an opportunity, and took it, and while Belly might’ve been the rebound girl here, that’s just the dressing on the salad of emotions, feelings, and conflicts that we see across the season. 

All three of them had a romantic chance, and in the end, Belly, chose her heart and that’s the happy thing about it. 

The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 2
A love triangle entangles (Credit: Amazon Prime Video)

The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 2 Finale Review

The conclusion of season 2 of The Summer I Turned Pretty ends up with Belly and Jeremiah in a relationship. The season goes deep into feelings, how people deal with emotions, impulsiveness, and jealousy. Now, bear in mind that if you look at the series from a superficial perspective, Conrad and Jeremiah were indirectly battling over a rebound girl, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg, because deep down, it’s about finding your feelings and relating to them.  

The scriptwriters and actors go deep into underscoring how each character’s complexities mold them. Teenagers, from a brain psychology development, are complex because they’re not children, but they’re not yet adults, and the experiences they have in that crucial stage of their lives will mold them forever into young adulthood. 

And in the sophomore season of The Summer I Turned Pretty we see a good deal of that. With such emotional weight and strong narratives, the series is worth your time if you like to see romantic stories that end up with a positive vibe.

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