Thu. May 23rd, 2024

During a recent After Hours Til Dawn show, the Weeknd declared that he is pretty much done doing guest features. Introducing a forthcoming song called “Another One of Me,” the singer told a Warsaw crowd, “And I just wanna say, this, this is gonna be the last feature I ever do, ever in my career, so I wanna perform it for you guys tonight.” Later, on social media, he wrote, “the final feature… unless daft punk ever get back together.” The Weeknd has not yet indicated when “Another One of Me” will get released or with whom he made the song.

The Weeknd famously worked with Daft Punk on Starboy’s title track and “I Feel It Coming.” He performed the songs with the French duo at the Grammy Awards in 2017. Years later, speaking about his work with the electronic artists, the Weeknd fawned, “Those guys are one of the reasons I make music.” Daft Punk dramatically announced their breakup in February 2021.

The Weeknd has been a prolific guest artist throughout his career, making a name for himself in his earliest days with his spot on Drake’s Take Care song “Crew Love.” He’s also released successful collaborations with Future (“Low Life”), Lana Del Rey (“Lust for Life”), FKA twigs (“Tears in the Club”), and more. He recently appeared on two Utopia songs with Travis Scott (“K-Pop” and “Circus Maximus”) and worked with Mike Dean across 4:23.

In recent years, the Weeknd has made a couple of bold proclamations. First, he committed to boycotting the Grammy Awards, and he’s so far stuck to his promise (while still incidentally winning a Grammy). He also said in an interview that he wants to retire his stage name, but he’s not yet laid out the plans for dropping the moniker.

By Sandra Winters

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