Thu. Apr 25th, 2024

WWE and UFC are merging into one TKO Holdings Group company. That will call for some big changes throughout the operation, and it appears that Triple H might have one less appointment after everything is said and done.

A notable absence has emerged among WWE’s selections for the Board of Directors of the upcoming merged entity ‘TKO,’ following the finalization of the Endeavor deal. The composition of the TKO Board had been established as consisting of 11 members, with WWE appointing five and Endeavor appointing six.

WWE has now revealed four of its chosen representatives: Vincent K McMahon, Nick Khan, Steven R Koonin, and Nancy R Tellem. Among them, McMahon, Khan, and Koonin already hold positions on the WWE Board of Directors, while Tellem is a fresh addition.

This revelation implies that a number of current WWE Board members have not been chosen for the TKO Board. Most notably, Triple H is missing from the lineup. While WWE has one remaining spot to fill, as of now, Levesque’s inclusion has not been confirmed.

Among the other current WWE Board members who were not selected are George A Barrios, Michelle R McKenna, Steve Pamon, and Michelle D Wilson. It seems that they are stacking this new company with some important names in business. It is interesting, and a bit puzzling, that Triple H has been excluded.

As for Endeavor, they have already made their selections for the TKO Board, naming Ari Emanuel, Egon P Durban, Jonathan A Kraft, Sonya E Medina, Mark Shapiro, and Carrie Wheeler.

We will keep our eyes on this ongoing story, here at Ringside News. As always, stay in those comments to let us know what you’re thinking!

By Sandra Winters

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