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Moving Episode 12& 13 is all set to release soon, and we are back with the latest updates on it and where, when, and how you can watch the latest episode of Moving. Also, if you haven’t watched the previous episodes, no need to worry. A brief recap is provided below so that you can catch up with the latest episode.

The story of the drama was originally adapted from a webtoon of the same by Kang Full. The story is based on three high school students who have uncanny powers like flying in the air, extraordinary healing power, and fast speed, which they inherited from their parents. But parents are concerned that their powers don’t lead them to their destruction and hence live an undercover life.  

Moving Episodes: Recap (Spoilers)

In the last episode, the past of Hee Soo’s father, Joo Won, was revealed. Joo Won’s hometown was Gyeongsan, and he moved to Pohang to work as a thug. He was famous as a Monster because of his vulnerable body. He worked under Pohang’s boss and everyone who tried to overstep their business. Cleaning them was an easy job for Joo Won. 

But Joo Won, who shed his blood every time for his boss’s sake, was betrayed when the boss of Ulsan came to take over Pohang. Joo Won always thought of his boss as a loyal person, but he came down in front of money, and only his best friend Min Ki also joined the Ulsan team.

Min Ki tricks Joo Won into getting drunk, and Ulsan’s boss takes this as a chance. He tied Joo Won’s car and Pohang’s boss in a car and dropped the car into the sea. Fortunately, Joo Won regains his consciousness and escapes, all thanks to his extraordinary body. 

Moving K-drama Still
Moving K-drama Still [Credits: Disney+]

He kills the Ulsan’s boss, and now Min Ki becomes the boss of Pohang. However, he keeps it low in fear of Jun Woon. At the same time, Joo Won starts living undercover in a motel. Joo Won is bad with direction always, and that is how she met Hee Soo’s mother, Jin Hee.

Jin Hee was a worker at Umji coffee shop, and she regularly used to come to the motel where Joo Won was staying to serve coffee to other roommates. Joo Won, after a lot of courage, calls a coffee shop just as an excuse to talk to Jin Hee.

After regular meetings and a lot of talks, both fell for each other in no time. On the other hand, the minister of NSDP (National Security Agency Planning Department.), upon hearing about Monster, comes to meet Min Ki to ask about his whereabouts. He offers Min Ki to find him at all costs in return for money. Joo Won, at the hotel, gets into a fight with a gambler because he is assaulting Jin Hee. 

That gambler later informs Min Ki about a monster beating his men. Min Ki believes it is soon other than Joo Won, and he sends around 100 of his men to kill Joo Won. But Joo Won sweeps them all. While Joo Won was fighting fiercely, the NSDP was observing him to see if he was worth joining their team. 

Moving K-drama Still
Moving K-drama Still [Credits: Disney+]

Lastly, he send Doo Shik to check over Joo Won’s resistance. Joo Won, after fighting for almost the whole night, reaches its end, while Min Ki comes with a gun to shoot him in the head. But right that moment, Do Shik, up from the sky, shoots Min Ki in his head.

Thus, lastly, Joo Won became part of the NSDP (National Security Agency Planning Department) and worked with Doo Shik as a partner. But he didn’t forget Jin Hee. Even after joining the team, he would visit Jin Hee regularly. 

Moving Episodes 12 & 13: Release Date

Moving Episodes 12 & 13 will be released on Wednesday, August 30, 2023, at 04:00 PM [KST] on the above-mentioned dates. International fans can check out the list below to know the time of release for their region. 

  • Pacific Standard Time (Canada): 12:00 AM, Wednesday, on the same date. 
  • Central Standard Time (US): 02:00 AM Wednesday on the same date. 
  • Eastern Standard Time (Mexico): 03:00 AM Wednesday on the same date. 
  • Greenwich Mean Time (UK): 07:00 PM Wednesday on the same date. 
  • Indian Standard Time (India): 12:30 PM Wednesday on the same date. 
  • Philippines Standard Time (Philippines): 03:00 pm Wednesday on the same date. 
  • Indonesia Standard Time (Indonesia):  02:00 pm Wednesday on the same date. 
  • Thailand Time (Thailand): 02:00 PM Wednesday on the same date. 
  • China Standard Time (China): 03:00 PM Wednesday on the same date. 
  • Japan Standard Time (Japan): 04:00 PM Wednesday on the same date. 
  • Australian Central Daylight Time (Australia): 05:00 PM Wednesday on the same date. 
  • South Africa Standard Time (South Africa): 09:00 AM Wednesday on the same date. 

Moving Episodes 12 & 13: Streaming Guide

Moving is a web series, so unfortunately, it won’t be available on local television channels. The thriller K-drama will be available on Disney+ and Hulu for local fans. For international fans, it is made available on Disney+ Global, too, with English subtitles.

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