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The childhood memories of several got refreshed recently with the launch of Friday Nights At Freddy’s: Security Breach Ruins on July 25, 2023. The beloved character of Freddy the Fuzzbear turned negative in the latest part of the newly launched game for PlayStation, thus raising questions by gamers about what went wrong with Freddy.

Steel Wool Studios launched a game that can be played on Playstation, PC, Cbox, and Switch. The game’s new storyline follows Cassie, Gregory’s best friend, who is called by him to the Pizzaplex to help him escape.

Previously Gregory, a playable character in the game, gets trapped in the Pizzaplex once again and calls Cassie, his best friend, to help him escape. Gregory begs Cassie to head to the sinkhole located beneath Roxy Raceway, where Gregory is apparently trapped by an unknown threat.

Poster Of FNAF Security Breach Ruins [Credits: Steel Wool Studios]

Cassie is determined to save her best friend and bring him back home. Cassie delves into the Pizzaplex, the once colorful place now ruined with all its previous mascots. The giant mall is now abandoned since Freddy and Gregory last ventured through the halls to keep Gregory alive.

The beloved game has three endings, with each of them beginning with a frantic Cassie entering the concrete room located next to the M.X.E.S box. After Cassie enters the room hurriedly to try and save her best friend, she realizes she made a grave mistake, and the person guiding her to the Pizzaplesx isn’t her best friend but a large metallic creature.

As soon as Cassie enters the concrete room, the giant metallic creature makes an appearance and throws the walkie-talkie down on the ground, thus revealing his evil plan of luring Cassie down the sinkhole. Roxy rescues Cassie moments before the giant metallic creature attacks her.

The gamer is supposed to help Cassie locate her best friend and save him. Cassie makes her entrance into the Pizzaplex through a small hole in the window. Cassie explores different locations in the Pizzaplex in hopes of rescuing her best friend.

In a turn of events, it gets revealed that Roxy, who has been helping Cassie all along, is none other than Gregory. The new game has the same pattern as the old one with its true free-roam nature, but unlike Security Breach, Ruin fails to have hiding spots.

The gameplay of Ruin solely depends on the intelligence and stealth of the gamer to outwit the danger lying ahead of Cassie as she works on saving Gregory.

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Who Is Freddy In Ruin?

Freddy Fazbear, also known as Glammrock Freddy, is the Glammrock counterpart of Freddy, that makes an appearance in the previous game as an ally to Gregory. He helps Gregory to survive till 6:00 A.M. before telling him the way out of the Pizzaplex.

Freddy has a punk-themed design with an orange color body. Freddy has the resemblance of a jaguar more than a bear who wears a hat on his head. The only animatronic that is not corrupted by Vanny’s power is none other than Freddy. Freddy has blue-colored claw nails with a pair of fangs.

did monty kill bonnie?
Frazzy In Security Breach Ruin [Credits: Steel Wool Studios]

As to what the beloved animatronic wears, the answer to that is red shoulder pauldrons, a red earring in the left ear, and spiked bracelets, throughout the gameplay, Freddy becomes damaged and dirty, but it is far less damaged than the other Glamrocks.

Initially, Freddy is an agreeable, honest, and friendly personality. Freddy is determined and focused on keeping Gregory safe throughout the game by allowing Gregory to hide in his stomach compartment.

What Happened To Freddy In Security Breach Ruin?

Fans of the beloved game were left curious about what happened to Freddy in Security Breach Ruin, as initially, the animatronic was a positive character, while in Security Ruin Breach, it turns into a negative character.

Well, to answer that question, Freddy’s fate took a turn after everything that happened in Security Breach. In Ruin, Freddy is completely ruined, with a missing head and tears all across his stomach.

Freddy in this game has a prototype written on his feet, thus making gamers question whether he is the actual Freddy who served as one of the four main protagonists in the game. In ruin, Freddy isn’t the happy compassionate animatronic the gamers witnessed in Security Breach.

At one point in the game, Freddy chases Cassie and stuffs him in his stomach cavity. The changes in Freddy have three main theories, the first one being he wasn’t the actual Freddy, as Gregory escaped with the real Freddy.

The second theory is a good ending with Vanessa in Security Breach, where Gregory left the Pizzaplex with Freddy’s head, and the gamers witnessed the trio eating ice cream after the end credits. It also raises questions about who gave the map to Gregory in the game, whether it was Vanessa or Freddy.

Kellen Alexander As Freddy [Credits: Steel Wool Studios]

The animatronics have their CPU and the port for rebooting themselves within their head; thus, Freddy being animatronic, has his consciousness and soul within his head. In short, Fredyy’s body would be dysfunctional without his head, as we witnessed him chasing Cassie in the game.

It is unknown how Freddy’s body continues to work without its head, but like most robots, it is likely his body works on batteries in the motherboard. Freddy’s body has a separate motherboard in his body thus allowing his body to function without a head.

Now as to why Freddy behaves hostile in Ruin, it has everything to do with what was explained in the base game. Every time Gregory failed to charge Freddy, or when Freddy’s power ran critically low, Freddy would attack Gregory.

As Freddy is running on safe mode after being disconnected from its prime system. Overall, as Gregory took Freddy’s head with himself, over time, Freddy’s body’s battery ran critically low, thus making him hostile.

This led to Freddy acting hostile towards humans. He would now capture humans and force them into his chest cavity due to being deformed now. Anyone placed in the cavity would be killed instantly. Briefly, due to being under low power mode Freddy starts to lash out and acts erratically.

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