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Want to know about Jonna Andersson’s partner? The Swedish footballer is currently making headlines as she showed her sporting side by comforting Japan’s Maika Hamano. How kind she is! Keeping this aside, what fans are more interested in is Jonna’s love life. Does she have anyone special? 

Starting from the basics, Jonna Andersson is a versatile footballer hailing from Mjolby. Born in 1993, she is now 30 years old. At present, Jonna serves for the Hammarby IF and also the women’s national team, representing Sweden.

As far as her position is concerned, Jonna plays as a football defender. Previously, she played for a couple of teams, including Linkopings FC and Chelsea. 

What about Jonna Andersson’s sports achievements? Well, she won a bronze medal in the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup. In 2020, she played wonderfully at the Olympic Games, held in Tokyo. She ended up winning a silver medal. Also, Jonna made it to the Swedish Cup. 

Coming back to Jonna Andersson’s love life, football is a very private person. She likes to keep it low-key most of the time, staying away from the media’s attention. So, who do you think is Jonna’s love interest? Here is what we know about Jonna Andersson’s partner. 

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Jonna Andersson’s Partner: Everything To Know

Talking about her love interest, Jonna Andersson’s partner is possibly no one but her football career. What does that mean? Because of how she always stays tight-lipped, it doesn’t seem like Jonna has anyone special in her heart. We can consider her single. 

Who Is Jonna Andersson's Partner
Jonna Andersson (Credit: BBC)

Don’t be disappointed. Getting into romantic relationships is a personal choice. So far, Jonna Andersson didn’t spark any dating rumors with anyone. It is likely to say that she never fell in love yet. Even if she did, she never publicized it. Some people have fallen in love lately, and Jonna Andersson seems to be one of them. 

Because of her age, being 30 years old, some wonder if Jonna Andersson secretly tied the knot. On this note, one must understand that age can’t define or be anyone’s marriage factor. It makes no sense. People get married to their loved ones when they think it’s the right time.

As far as Jonna Andersson is concerned, she is unmarried and never hinted to her fans about her marriage. Looking at Jonna, it doesn’t seem like it’s in her current plan. She is more focused on football at this moment.

In recent days, Jonna Andersson didn’t get spotted with anyone suspicious. Also, she never posted any pictures highlighting her love life. Therefore, it’s safe to consider her single. One shouldn’t spread or believe random reports about Jonna Andersson’s partner unless she makes an official announcement. 

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Jonna Andersson Supported Her Japanese Teammate Maika Hamano

In case you didn’t know, Maika Hamano serves for Chelsea. But she spent the current season at the Hammarby IF, in Stockholm. Well, Maika is young enough, compared to Jonna, being 19 years old. It was because she lost the World Cup quarter-final. 

Who Is Jonna Andersson's Partner
Jonna Andersson comforting Maika Hamano for her loss (Credit: ThePrint)

Jonna Andersson showed Maika enough support. The former knew that she had support from the club and national team.

Still, Jonna wanted to stay by her side to let her know that she cared for her. On this note, Jonna said, “I wanted to show her that I care about her; she’s a fantastic person.” 

Best Wishes to Jonna Andersson for the upcoming days of her life. Make sure to follow this Hammarby IF star, Jonna, on his Instagram account for more updates.

Considering Jonna Andersson’s partner to be no one at this moment, we are hopeful she will find someone soon. After all, everyone deserves to receive love from a special person. Isn’t it? 

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