Thu. May 23rd, 2024

WWE presented a very special episode of SmackDown this week. Bray Wyatt and Terry Funk both received tributes all night, but who was responsible for producing things behind the scenes.

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According to Sean Sapp behind Fightful’s paywall, Michael Hayes and Robert Roode were responsible for producing the Bray Wyatt tribute that started the show. This was quite a segment, and it was also incredibly emotional.

In other segments and matches for SmackDown this week, Grayson Waller squared off against Rey Mysterio, with Jamie Noble guiding the action as the producer. IYO SKY and Zelina was produced by the duo of Kenny Dykstra and Molly Holly.

Cody Rhodes delivered a compelling promo, where Terry Funk received a tribute, and that segment was produced by Jason Jordan. After that, the tag team match featuring the Brawling Brutes and Street Profits was produced by Jason Jordan.

Michael Hayes and Robert Roode were also responsible in producing the main event match with Finn Balor and LA Knight. It seems that WWE was able to get everything figured out for SmackDown this week, and that’s saying a lot, considering the circumstances.

We will have to see how things pan out in the future for Robert Roode as he continues fitting into the WWE backstage setting as a producer. It is apparent that he was involved with some important segments on SmackDown this week.

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By Sandra Winters

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