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Why do you think In The Dark got canceled? The police procedural drama series ended after Season 4 which the audience didn’t expect initially. Fans started wondering if the cancelation had something to do with ratings or the death of any beloved and significant character. 

In The Dark follows the story of a blind girl, Murphy Mason. The character got portrayed by Perry Mattfield. Her only friends are Jess and Tyson. While Murphy was out for a walk with her guide dog, her life turned upside down accidentally. Why? What happened?  She stumbled upon it suddenly and later found out that it was Tyson’s dead body. By the time cops arrived, it disappeared. On the other hand, Murphy tried figuring out what went wrong with Tyson. 

Created by Corinne Kingsbury, In The Dark premiered in 2019. Those who loved binging the show, are left disappointed. Most of the audience expected the renewal, more precisely Season 5. But, Netflix didn’t bring that up. What happened? Here is what we know about why In The Dark got canceled. 

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In The Dark Got Canceled After Season 4: Here Is Why 

The major reason why In The Dark got canceled was because of the merger of Warner Bros. and Discovery. Several other shows were also canceled along with that. That included The Flash, Riverdale, Legends of Tomorrow, etc. It was done to make the new network’s plans. 

Why Did In The Dark Get Canceled
A scene from In The Dark (Credit: CBR)

The CW network ended up having several significant changes, that contributed to the cancellation of In The Dark. 

It all started with the deal between The CW and Netflix. The shows that started before 2019, came back to Netflix for streaming. But the ones which debuted later that year failed to make it to the latter. The deal was made for $1 billion, despite the popularity and range of the audience that The CW had. However, the same deal ended because of the merger. 

To be more exact, The CW network was owned by Paramount+ and Warner Bros. Discovery. Concerning In The Dark, the crime drama series already had its future very unpredictable and uncertain. It was Paramount+ and Warner Bros. Discovery felt the need to cut off some shows that aired on The CW. 

It was in the mid of last year when it was announced that In The Dark Season, 4 would be the last one. However, fans still had hopes regarding the renewal of the series. Sadly, it never happened. 

Because of the decision about the merger, the filming of the season finale was done alternatively. It had no cliffhangers. The creator of In The Dark further added saying, “The fans will be happy with our ending.” 

It’s been several months, and some of the crazy fans still regret the loss of In The Dark. Undoubtedly, it’s one of the rarest and most intriguing stories that The CW offered us, in recent years. 

The leading actor of In The Dark, that is- Perry Mattfield, once shared that Season 5 would have been interesting with Murphy’s new story. She further cited some hints, questioning if Murphy would fear getting caught. Or, would she run away with Felix? Several assumptions and hopes were initially made about the renewal. Unfortunately, In The Dark got canceled right after running till Season 4. 

How much did you like watching In The Dark? 

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