Fri. Sep 29th, 2023

WWE is the global juggernaut of professional wrestling as they are not just a pro wrestling company – but a brand consisting of movies, shows, books, games and so much more. WWE also has longstanding partnership with the NFL and now it appears WWE is officially launching NFL legacy championship belts.

The WWE and NFL have a solid partnership and even former NFL players such as Pat McAfee have found success in WWE. According to Sports Business Journal, WWE and NFL have signed a multiyear licensing deal to create NFL-inspired WWE legacy title belts.

The deal includes the title belts and will feature the official colors and branding of all 32 teams. These officially licensed NFL products will be launching today on, and

This also marks the first time WWE and NFL have a licensing agreement. This is their latest licensing agreement, as the company have already signed one with MLB back in 2021 and last year they secured licenses to produce custom side plates for all 14 SEC schools. We’ll have to see whether the legacy belts will sell out like hotcakes.

Do you think the NFL legacy belts will be a hot commodity online? Are you also planning on buying one for yourself? Leave a comment below!

By Sandra Winters

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