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WWE Superstars will sometimes find themselves with a new gimmick if their current attempt isn’t panning out. That can sometimes take a lot of thought, but the goal is to find something that sticks.

Since their formation in 2022, Maximum Male Models have experienced a series of ups and downs during their time on the main roster. It seems that they might be on their way to a change.

Initially under the guidance of Max Dupri, the group’s trajectory changed when Vince McMahon didn’t perceive the former NXT star as a suitable in-ring talent. However, Triple H and his team rebranded him as LA Knight, recognizing his star potential.

Maxxine Dupri left the group and has become a full-time member of the Alpha Academy, alongside Chad Gable and Otis. Of course, her brother, Max Dupri, who is now known as LA Knight once again, is also tearing it up on his own.

It turns out that WWE is discussing the possibility of redefining the gimmick for the tag team comprising Mansoor and Mace. After all, a repackaging could be in order.

In response to a suggestion from a fan proposing that Maximum Male Models transition to NXT, Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp confirmed that internal talks regarding the reimagining of the group indeed occurred during the SummerSlam weekend in Detroit. He addressed this narrative to provide clarity on the situation.

There was internal discussion of repackaging them a couple months back that picked up again this weekend when I talked to people in Detroit.

I thought they were good as is. Very entertaining duo

We will have to see what is next for both Mansoor and Mace. The latter has certainly gone through some interesting times in WWE as he was once an announcer on RAW before being placed in Retribution. Now, as the only Retribution member to be carrying that name, Mace could be in for a change.

One thing you have to give Maximum Male Models for is the fact that they threw themselves into the roles. They gave it everything they had, but with Maxxine Dupri joining Alpha Academy, it seems that MMM might have to rebrand.

What’s your take on this gimmick change in WWE? Are you here for it? Sound off in the comments to let us know what you think!

By Sandra Winters

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