Fri. Jul 19th, 2024

WWE was facing lawsuit that calls the company out for racist practices and creative angles. Ex WWE writer Britney Abrahams filed this huge lawsuit, and a lot of information is coming out about the company’s creative department right now. One storyline that was pitched would really upset a lot of people had it gone down, but now we know all about it.

That lawsuit against WWE saw many allegations in the pages that were publicly released. A racist angle with Aliyah was also a part of that, and many more angles that never saw the light of day, but they were apparently pitched.

Brandon Thurston reports that Britney Abrahams has now dismissed her lawsuit. This is a very interesting turn of events for that case.

Britney Abrahams voluntarily dismissed her lawsuit without prejudice against the named defendants. WWE itself isn’t part of the voluntary dismissal. Abrahams is a former WWE writer who filed a lawsuit in April, alleging racial discrimination and wrongful termination.

Defendants in this lawsuit requested an extension, and the clock was ticking down for while on this. Now, it appears that the situation is in the past.

This lawsuit also alleged that an idea was pitched for Shane Thorne to hunt down Reggie like an animal and put him in a cage. That idea never saw the light of day either, but it was detailed in the lawsuit.

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By Sandra Winters

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