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Kevin Nash has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the professional wrestling industry, having witnessed numerous changes and evolutions throughout his career. He has competed for several years and has played a role in many iconic moments. That being said, Nash requested to be the Master of Ceremonies for SummerSlam this year.

The WWE Hall Of Famer made a name for himself as Diesel in WWE, where he eventually became the World Champion. He then saw great success as part of the nWo in WCW.

It is a well-known fact that Kevin Nash has a very close relationship with Triple H, who is the current Head of WWE Creative as well as the COO of the company. Even then, that doesn’t mean Nash is working any sort of role in WWE.

While speaking on the Kliq This TV podcast, Kevin Nash revealed that he requested WWE to be the Master of Ceremonies for SummerSlam this year. However, Nash stated that it all fell on deaf ears.

“I asked if I could be involved (in SummerSlam). I asked if I could be the Master of Ceremonies. I’m not b***********. Deaf ears baby. I guess they didn’t want this m************ liberal anywhere near that program (he laughs). I would have been great with a camera crew like outside Ford Field talking with the Detroit fans and the fans from around the world that came in. I think that they think that I would just probably have said no, but I wouldn’t have actually done it because I was there (for Highspots WrestleCon).”

Kevin Nash is suffering from nerve compression and neck issues in general. Regardless, the WWE Hall Of Famer has simply accepted the fact that WWE didn’t want him anywhere near the role of Master of Ceremonies for SummerSlam.

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